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Second Showtime

Soon, I will be hosting my first ever radio show… yep you heard correctly.

14 year old me is over the moon. I used to text into Triple J almost every night, and I had a very strong desire to be best friends, or just be Linda Marigliano or Zan Rowe. Some nights I would be so proud of myself for getting a call from Linda asking if I wanted to go live- then being so terrified and sounding like an absolute idiot once I went live.

But this is my chance to redeem myself.

Rosie and I will be hosting this coming Monday, and we have a great line up of interviews and tunes which is helping to calm my nerves and replace them with excitement. I hope that our experiences and the technical difficulties from last show help us to have a more flawless broadcast experience. Nat has already employed Sally to be back-up Panel Assistant, and I will be sure to ask Corey and Jess for some words of advice on the topic of hosting.

There is a lot of build up to Monday and I promise I wont let you down, 14 year old India. I will remember to breathe, speak english and enjoy the moment.

(ps. Oi- 14 year old India- Blue bands on your braces was the worst idea for year 9 school photos just a heads up)

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The Final Countdown

*RWAV INTRO PLAYS to give India 52 seconds to prepare her notes and herself for this blog*

Wow, how time has flown. It is one week until we go live to air. I am both excited and nervous for the show, but also terribly thrilled to have such an enthusiastic and positive group to work with (let me tell you: it has made the process as easy as drinking water despite its foreign nature to most of us!).

We have recorded and organised the interviews we plan to put to air and we are all raring and ready to go. With Easter so close to our show, it did prove difficult to organise 2 live interviews, but the Easter bunny was on our side last week, as Thrusher and Melbourne Period Project, our scheduled pre-records, referenced each other in their respective interviews #WIN… nothing like a lovely link to make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Another great thing that came from recording our interviews was that Sally, our legendary DJ and panel operator was able to get one last shot at using the equipment before we go to air.

We had a really great idea to send a longer list of songs to Elizabeth for checking and confirmation- which means that if we need a back-up song, or encounter a technical difficulty (again), we have a variety of 3RRR approved songs to fall back on.

For this show, I am in charge of the social media platforms and web page and am super excited to put what I have learnt through my involvement with other social media and marketing projects to use with RWAV.

It is all very exciting indeed- Tune into 3RRR on Monday at 12pm to hear the wonderful duo, Corey and Jess, talk talk talk!

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