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You thought I had forgotten you, didn’t you?

Well guess what, I haven’t! I am back from my blogging hiatus.

What have you been up to?
Where have you been?
What was more important than talking to a page with the name ‘Blog’?

I imagine these are the questions you are asking.
Let me take it one at a time…

What have you been up to?

Well in amongst the sparse amount of blogs posted last semester, I learnt how to stand up for my self in both a professional and academic sense. I was learning at uni yes, but I proved to myself and others that I’m not a dumb blonde who can be pushed around- I am a strong, indi-pendent, VERY pale white girl who is motivated and has a brain.

This realisation also was influential in me scoring an internship! WOOHOO! I discovered that I am not too bad at copywriting- and that I enjoy it ALOT.

Around about the same time, I got a new job #workworkworkworkworkwork for a very fun and exciting company, where I spend 15-20 ish hours per week dressing up in pretty clothes and having a blast with my best friends. Thats the dream, isn’t it?

Well its up there, but I have also been thinking about where I want this degree to take me. I’m writing up a few plans and blueprints, but don’t worry, I’ve written it all in pencil and keep an eraser near by, just incase anything exciting and completely game changing occurs.

OHHH! and I got my Ps… and a car… and a life… and my wisdom teeth removed… and another year older<3

Where have you been?
Fighting crimes… just keep it on the hush, will you?

What was more important than talking to a page with the name ‘Blog’?
I don’t know, I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me…

Well I’m happy to announce that I am back, and its for good.
Semester 1 2016, you look terribly promising.
Watch this space (cadet)

Any questions, shoot a comment below ❤

I x



Mad Men, a series about the New York Ad Men of the 1960s, is much more than just a period drama and my favourite television show. It is a culturally influencing show that not only stood as mark for the shift of a cable channel, but an artefact of popular culture that has immersed its audience in the periodic qualities and values of the 60s.

American Movie Classics was a channel that originally placed a focus on classic movies that were dated before the 1950s, with an intention of maintaining the integrity of cinema work from the past. In 2002, the channel was rebranded, and as a result broadened its schedule to a range of films from various eras. In 2007, the channel debuted Mad Men, its first original drama series, written by Matthew Weiner. Set in the 1960’s, the show depicts the lives of the Advertising Executives from Sterling Cooper. The show stands in the period drama genre, one that encapsulates certain qualities, values, settings and behaviours of a certain time, providing a nostalgic or somewhat educational experience for its viewers, engulfing them in the period of the 1960’s.

In particular, Mad Men focusses on the style, values, politics and qualities of the 60s with an emphasis on those which were heavily prevalent in the lives of the adults of the era. The show allows its audience to reimagine the era from the comfort of their chosen viewing settings. We are able to analyse and ‘reimagine’ the stylistic and behavioural representation of this era by analysing the mise-en-scene of first episode of the show, entitled ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’, particularly the scene where Joan is showing Peggy to her place in the office. We are presented with the casting of Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway with her classic 60s hourglass silhouette, waltzing through the hall to the muted colour palettes of the advertising office setting and typewriter props gracing desks, representative of the technology of the period. The style and behaviours likened to this time are not only communicated visually, but also through the dialogue.
This idea is further exemplified through the diegetic dialogue which expresses the objectification and status of women in the workplace. Joan hints to Peggy that
‘a girl like you with those darling little ankles, I’d find a way to make them sing’, ultimately hinting that Peggy should somewhat objectify herself to attract the attention of the men, as an implied tip to help her in the workplace.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 8.57.55 pm

Mad Men’s influence on its audience goes much further than involving its members in the nostalgic world of the 60s. With the premiere of Mad Men on July 19th 2007 clocking 1.65 million viewers, and its finale reaching 3.29 viewers, the show must be having some sort of cultural impact on them too, right?

From Fashion to Children’s TV, Mad Men, with its attention to the 1960 detail is somewhat influencing the pop culture of today. Daniel Mendelsohn, author of “The Mad Men Account’, explores the notion of the show’s influence, discussing that Mad Men has ‘percolated into every corner of popular culture’. He explains that in America, clothing label Banana Republic collaborated with the show’s creators to design a shop window campaign and style guide that assisted its customers in achieving the ‘Mad Men’ look.
But it goes a little deeper than that. An article sourced from The Daily Telegraph notes that it is believed that the hourglass figured, busty women on the show, such as Joan Holloway, portrayed by Christina Hendricks, may be the reason for the 10% spike in breast augmentation surgeries in Britain in 2010.
And in 2013, it was reported that the sales of cigarettes produced by the brand ‘Lucky Strike’ jumped from 23 billion in 2007 to 33 billion as of 2012, which was believed to be due to its reference in the show.
On a personal note: I actually went out lipstick shopping after watching the episode where the ladies of the office are asked to test out the Belle Jolie lipstick range.

Mad Men is not only a representation of the change of a cable channel’s direction, or an example of a period drama, but is a show that has become a cultural phenomenon in terms of its influence upon its audience and the society in which it functions. Even after the shows completion in May 2015, many companies are reaping the benefits of its influence on the culture of today and the trend in 60s style of which has resulted.


Becker, Anne (August 10, 2007). “Not A Hot Cable Summer for All”. Broadcasting & Cable. Retrieved April 18, 2015.

Kondolojy, Amanda (May 19, 2015). “Sunday Cable Ratings: ‘Game of Thrones’ Tops Night + ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, ‘Mad Men’ & More”. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved May 19, 2015

Mendelsohn, D. (2011). The mad men account. The New York Review of Books, 24.

Pow, Helen (2013). ‘Mad Men sparks cigarette sales boom for Lucky Strike with 10 BILLION more packs sold last year compared to when series first aired’. Daily Mail Online.
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Following on from last weeks spotlight, annnddd of course my obsession with Alex Turner, I thought I would shine the spotlight on a lovely little supergroup called ‘The Last Shadow Puppets’ consisting of Miles Kane (The Rascals), James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, Simian) and the one and only Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys).

This superb group may have been quiet for the past couple of years, but the beauty of their music created by their atmospheric, cinematic, innocent and oh so very adorable sound is one that no doubtably puts a smile on my face.

Here are 5 delightful pieces of lyrical and instrumental genius that you deserve to hear

1. The Meeting Place– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
You are already well aware that Alex Turner is a lyric genius, and this song again just continues to prove it. This tune tells the tale of an ending relationship and a boy who is stuck in the heartbreak of it all. It is such a cute little tune, despite the sad lyrics. The addition of the orchestral elements in the background just rounds off the atmospheric nature of the song and is just purely awesome. This song would be perfect as the soundtrack for a very lovely European silent film and I love it very much.

2. Calm Like You– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
I love how each of TLSP songs are their own little songs- their album becomes a collection of short stories. This song is of more an intense nature and I love bursts of the guitar layered with the drums- pure genius

3. My Mistakes Were Made for You– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
I love how this song combines those sexy and powerful bond-like instrumental elements and chords with those cute little Alex Turner vibes. All I can say is, I hope Alex Turner’s mistakes were made for me- I love him mistakes and all.

4. The Age of the Understatement– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
This song is like a theme song for the supergroup. It sounds like the song that would accompany the opening scene for a Western film about a desirable and heroic Outlaw and perfectly combines all the film-soundtrack sounding elements that are scattered throughout the songs on the album. Sheer brilliance!

5. Standing Next to Me– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
This is my favourite song written by this lovely little group. Its the perfect combination of unromantic romance, innocence and unintentional cuteness. The harmonies are powerful and the strings add such a light and pretty element to the song. It is awesome on the album and even better live- especially when it is performed when nobody is expecting it.

Each song is so unique, yet laced in the cinematic and atmospheric feel carried throughout the discography of The Last Shadow Puppets. I love how they have revived elements of the 70s and old Bond films and placed them in a new and terribly adorable light.
Rumours have spread that Miles and Alex have written a film- hopefully they will reunite to record the soundtrack because, if I haven’t made it extremely evident already, they ROCK at making music.

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It occurred to me the other day that it has been a while since I loaded some new music onto my iPod. Whilst searching through the Triple J playlist archive for some inspiration and through my endless screenshots of Shazam results, I came across this lovely little tune by homegrown legend, Courtney Barnett.

Depreston is a lovely little tune about house hunting, particularly in Preston. First of all, the title is bloody awesome= Depreston – Genius. Second of all, I have family who live in Preston, and have been to Preston multiple times and I definitely understand where Courtney is coming from. I also relate to her when she says she saves ‘I’m saving twenty-three dollars a week’ by not buying coffee= I think I would save at least $30 per week if I stopped buying coffee/coffees.

But this song, despite what it is about, is just as awesome as the title. It is simple, but beautiful with its emphasis on the vocals, guitar and subtle drums. Its perfect for easy listening on those rainy days and its definitely suitable for those Preston house hunting endeavours.

The amount of talent coming out of this country is phenominal. Artists are absolutely smashing it here and overseas and it makes mevery proud to be Australian.

Here is the Song of the Week, ‘Depreston’ by Courtney Barnett

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Back in year 9, I had this teacher who loved to analyse music videos- He introduced my year level to ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ before it had even been played on the radio. And whilst he was terrible at eye contact, facial recognition and reading aloud, he introduced me to Arcade Fire- a band who I now hold very close to my heart… and for that, I am grateful.

For those uncultured individuals who are unaware of who Arcade Fire is, they are an indie rock back from the land of Canada who are comprised of two brothers, a wife, and 3 friends (and a few extras who like to tag along from time to time). They are well known for not only their album releases as a band, but for scoring Spike Jonze’s Her, my favourite movie ever.
Why not delve into the world of Arcade Fire for this week’s ‘Saturday Spotlight’…

1. No Cars Go– Neon Bible (2007)
This song is so so clever- the combination of strings an drums creates this kind of busy energy that could be likened to a busy road- its atmospheric in a hectic way..
This song, ironically, makes for a pretty awesome night city- roadtrip song. Love it very much

2. My Body is a Cage– Neon Bible (2007)
Also from Neon Bible, this song is also atmospheric. The haunting organ in the background, as well as the slightly distorted vocals creates an eery feel. As it starts to build, everything is intensified- It is one of those songs that you listen to in the early hours of the morning, when the moon is out and everyone is asleep and it just hits you right in the feels and senses…

3. You Already Know– Reflektor (2013)
This song is on the poppier side- its catchy and boppy and wonderful. I also love the music video for this song- it is quite harry potter-esque and enertaining

4. We Exist– Reflektor (2013)
I love this song, but I am mainly linking it for the music video. You may at first say a lovely little Oh hello.. to the perfectly perfect Andrew Garfield! But this music video is touching on a really important topic- gender identity. I LOVE it when celebrities and musicians put their talent to good use- to highlight issues in society

5. Some Other Place– Her OST (2013)
I can’t even describe my love for this song. It is perfectly peaceful, yet shares its melody and tune with another Arcade Fire song, ‘Porno’, from their 2013 album Reflektor. The simplicity of the piano and the echoing of the strings creates such an atmosphere and really exhibits the beauty of the film. Its the perfect lullaby…

6. Reflektor– Reflektor (2013)
7 minute + long creative and quirky songs are what I live for, and Reflektor is one of them. Despite the fact I don’t speak french and can’t understand half the lyrics, I still love to sing along to this song (and of course, dance too). I love every element of this song- the vocals, drums, guitar, piano- I LOVE IT ALL! Funkier and funkier with every second that passes
God bless title tracks…

7. The Suburbs– The Suburbs (2010)
ANOTHER AWESOME TITLE TRACK!!! The song where my love for Arcade Fire began. I had only just found ‘my sound’; the music I liked not because everyone else liked it, but because I liked it. It is simply beautiful and I can’t even say anything else… This song will always hold a special place in my heart and I will be playing it forever.

As I chose these songs linked above, it became evident that Arcade Fire are so versatile- they can produce songs from various styles that sit in the indie genre and execute them in such an awesome fashion. They have songs for the sad says and songs for the happy, for the dancey and for those rainy days when all you want to do is eat and sleep.
Arcade Fire- you absolutely freakin rock.

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be attending an 80s dress up party as Boy George. WELL… Last night, in the depths of the racks at Greensborough Savers, I found it- the mother of all costumes- a handmade jacket that Boy George would have swooned over.
I am two days away from changing my eyebrows, pulling out the bright eye shadow, weaving ribbons into my hair and partying like it’s 1985! In light of this, I decided to do another Boy George related ‘Song of the Week’.

“Somebody To Love Me” is the third track off Mark Ronsons’s 2010 album Record Collection And features Andrew Wyaty and Boy George (yay!). I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. Something about it’s funky drum beat juxtaposed with lyrics of desperation and love & the sweet piano sequence repeated throughout.

It kind of is as if Andrew Wyatt is representative of a young Boy George, one who loved to party and Boy George is representative of himself now in the future, reflecting on his youth and life. The combination of the younger and older rounds out the idea that the character that may in fact be George, is looking for somebody who will love him for his past, present and future self.
Maybe I am getting too deep, who knows?! But this song will forever be in my top 10 favourite songs of all time and I hope that Mark Ronson pulls out this track when I see him live on July 29!

Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt and Boy George with ‘Somebody to Love Me’

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A year ago today was the best day of my life. In 40 years if you ask me to recall the best day of my life, May 9th 2014 may overtake my wedding on the list.
A year ago today, I was serenaded by Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Nick O’Malley and Jamie Cook- Arctic Monkeys (from High Green Sheffield) at Rod Laver Arena.
I may love Tame Impala, I may love The Black Keys, I may love Mark Ronson, but Arctic Monkeys will always be my one true love, the band that I will never retire from listening to.
I remember the exact moment when I listened to my first Arctic Monkeys song- the classic ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’/ At the time, I hadn’t really discovered this thing called ‘good music’, well until I heard that song. But it wasn’t until the release of my now all-time favourite song ‘Crying Lighting’ in 2009 that I jumped on the band wagon… and I never looked back.
How would I describe Arctic Monkeys?
Sexy, smokin’ rock ‘n’ roll.

I even struggled to formulate that phrase- they are indescribable; too perfect for words.
There is a song for every mood, every situation, every moment. Music videos that make you weak at the knees, accents that make your eyes light up, bass lines that absolutely melt my heart AND ALEX TURNERS THAT MAKE YOUR ALEX TURNERS TURNERS AHSUIGJKHDSGJAKHSFLK
I love them more than I love free things, cuddles and protein bars (if you know me, you will know that that is a big call)

Their music helped me through some shit times and enhanced the good times and I will forever hold them close to my heart.

*ALSO: Quick tip: The key to my heart is possessed by Alex Turner- if you go fetch him you can unlock my heart… or let him do it, yeh actually let him do it*

Anyways, before I go all fan-girl on you *I AM CONTROLLING MYSELF SO MUCH RIGHT NOW OMG* I shall now honour them in the best way possible, well besides a shrine… Saturday Spotlight…

It is hard to count all my favourite Arctic Monkeys songs on one hand, but I’ll give it a go…

1. R U Mine?– AM (2013)

I’ll start you off with a recent one that you have a) probably heard on the radio or b) probably heard me drumming or singing in the shower/toilet/other
It’s the perfect combination of golden lyrics, crazy good drums, catchy bass line and ALEX TURNER ASKING ME IF I AM HIS.
If this song was a person, it would be Alex Turner- it is smooth, sexy, crisp and deliciously perfect.
Each element of this song is executed at a 1000/10 standard- each note, each word, everything and I can tell you from personal experience- it is just as bloody incredible live.
I consider it a lullaby, dance party song and drum out your anger tune- categorise it for yourself.

2. Cornerstone– Humbug (2009)
A song off my favourite album of all time, that is sure to break your heart and glue it back together in 3 minutes and 9 seconds. This song is the perfect example of why Alex Turner is the lyrical legend of all generations past and present. I am trying so hard to describe this song to you but it is currently playing in the background and my heart is breaking, making it terribly difficult to write. Luckily, the beauty and sadness of this song is pretty obvious, listen and you shall hear.

3. 505– Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007)
A loaded number…
This song is a beautiful exhibition of love and desperation combined. No matter where his love is *COUGH ALEXA CHUNG COUGH*, he is willing to travel to her despite the distance.
When the song breaks into the rock heavy part, feel your heart shatter into tiny little pieces and then again with guitar riff that weaves itself into the song and builds and builds then echoes away … bloody incredible

Before I get too fangirly, turn off the lights, plug in your earphones and experience this song for yourself. It is in my top 3 Arctic Monkeys songs ever released and in the Top 10 of my Favourite Songs Ever playlist. It is the perfect balance of emotion, drums and Alex Turner. Farrr outttttt I love it

4. Fireside– AM (2013)

Whilst we are in the feelsy state, I’m gonna enhance it, extend it and melt your heart a couple more times. This song is loaded with sadness, emotion and depth and the detail not only in the lyrics, but through the instrumental aspects of the song too. The echoes of the vocals represents the repetition of these thoughts that circle around Alex’s head and the ‘shoowaps’ that are layered throughout adds a 70s feel and the tamborine adds the perfect finishing touch- shakiness related to the uncertainty Alex is describing.
I love it, and yes, please do listen to it fireside…

5. I Wanna Be Yours– AM (2013)
Here is the final song of the feels trilogy. I can’t listen to this song without crying, you can even play it for me and watch me struggle to contain the tears.
The lyrics of this song originate from a poem by John Cooper-Clarke that was hardly intended to be as dark and deep as it is in the form of this song. Somehow, Alex Turner makes these desperate and crazy acts to prove his love, such as becoming a vaccuum cleaner ‘breathing in your dust’ sound so terribly romantic- acting as an instant lasso around your heart. The slow drums and backup vocals pull your heart strings too and then the final reverb and echo of the guitar just ahhhhhhh *melts*

6. Brianstorm– Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006)
And for something a little different 😉
This song is still the reason why I want to take up the drums. Its completely wicked in every way- lyrics made of gold, drums that dreams are made of and everything good in the world all combined.

7. All My Own Stunts– Suck it and See (2011)
This song is just awesome. It has those golden Alex Turner lyrics, drums from the heavens with the added hint of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. I love the transitions from the darker rock to the lighter chorus and back to the darker rock- its so simple, but so loaded.
I don’t even know where to begin with this song. Its so great and definitely should make an appearance in your winter playlist.
Oh and how sick is the guitar riff!!!!

8. Knee Socks– AM (2013)
God this song is so silky smooth and sexy.
The deep bass and simple drums in conjunction with that cute little guitar riff- I just can’t.
I literally went and purchased about 5 pairs of knee socks after I heard this song and my darling mother returned from an overseas trip with a sky blue Lacoste, just like the one referenced int he song.
This is just the silkiest, sexiest, greatest little song. I love it so much and its AMAZING LIVE

9. Piledriver Waltz– Suck it and See
This song is simply beautiful. It is a perfect little lullaby and so utterly romantic. Alex reworked it for the soundtrack of one of my favourite films, Submarine, and if you thought it couldn’t get anymore beautiful, whoops- that version just did.
The simplicity of the instruments allows for the intricate poetry that is the lyrics to become evident and enhance the serenading quality of the song.

10. Crying Lightning– Humbug (2009)
My favourite song ever, coincidently off my favourite album ever.
This song takes me back to the days where I had found good music, great music; music that I could relate to, music that made me feel something through its lyrics or bass or something, music that I loved. I love how this song takes a narrative approach, and how every instrumental aspect just enhances the mood of the story and listening to the song becomes like this atmospheric experience. Every time I listen to this song, I pick up on another little detail that makes me weak at the knees or that just slaps me in the face with its awesomeness and excellent execution.
The last minute or so of this song is just perfect…it, to me, is an instrumental expression of a storm- not only complimenting the title of the song, but just proving once again, why Arctic Monkeys are the best band of all time.

I could go on for thousands of words about Arctic Monkeys, their albums, songs, style, vibes, sound etc but I shall have to retire for now. I can’t believe that one year ago, I went to the greatest concert I have ever been too, saw my soon to be husband in the flesh and heard all those songs that hold a special place in my heart.

Arctic Monkeys- please hurry up and release another album. K, Thanks, Bye ❤

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Tame Impala, you have done it again.
Just yesterday, Tame Impala released the 5th single off their upcoming album ‘Currents’, due to be released July 17th (SO CLOSE YET SO FAR). I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it again- I am a MASSIVE Tame fan and their new material has blown the socks off me- exceeding all expectations
Along with the confirmation of the album release date, a beautiful song that goes by the title ‘Eventually’ was announced and it has quickly taken place as my favourite Tame Impala song yet.
It is a slower paced song, but still contains that classic reflective vibe that is present in their old material. But this song is different to the others that have been released off the upcoming album. I think it can be described as Tame Impala’s classic distortion and mellow guitar mixed with a few tracks released from a few of my favourite artists…
Phoenix’s ‘Chloroform’
Andy Bull’s ‘Nothing is Wrong’
Grizzly Bear’s ‘Sun in Your Eyes’

I love it. I love it. I love it.
The vibes, the lyrics, the meaning and the simplicity of it.
It’s probably not suitable for a dance party, but its a killer addition to your rainy day playlist and I can confirm that this will make an appearance on my voting ballot for the Hottest 100 2015 *just sayin*

I now present you with Eventually by Tame Impala 🙂

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I just got home from Groovin the Moo festival and IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! The line-up was amazing on paper, but when you are there and listening to it all, act after act, it comes to life in a way that is more amazing than imaginable. Despite the fact there were artists from all over the world, the Australian acts were the stand outs; they played perfect sets- each song just as good or better than the recorded version… OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE
If I had to narrow it down, my favourite acts were Hermitude, The Preatures and Ball Park Music and if I had to narrow it down to one, it would definitely be Ball Park Music.
I already had a few of their songs on my iPod, but after seeing them perfomed live and hearing a few of their others songs my love for them has grown. They are the perfect example of the talent present in the Australian Music Industry and deserve to by spotlighted on this beautiful Saturday…

1. It’s Nice To Be Alive– Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs (2011)
This song is the perfect combination of cutesy and romantic lyrics intertwined with a feel good vibe. This was playing as the sun set in Bendigo on the Groovin the Moo festival. It is the perfect song to listen to on a sunny day or to listen to whilst dancing away doing pretty much any daily activity.

2. Trippin’ The Light Fantastic– Puddinghead (2014)
The juxtaposition of indie rock and distorted electronic like elements creates a superb little number that is perfect for a mini dance party.
This song was AWESOME live!!!

3. Error Playin’– Puddinghead (2014)
Probably my favourite Ball Park Music song. It’s atmospheric in an indie rock kind of way. The vocal reverb adds a nice texture to the tune and the riff at the end is the perfect finishing touch.

4. Diane Young (Cover of Vampire Weekend)– Triple J Like a Version
This Triple J Like a Version is one of my favourite Like a Versions. It is just a crisper and boppy version of an already boppy song- double boppiness? Yes please!

5. She Only Loves Me When I’m There– Puddinghead (2014)
This Hottest 100 favourite, with its catchy lyrics and edgy guitar is the perfect addition to any playlist. I love the way the calming introduction transitions into a banging tune, and then comes full circle with the calming and innocent time of the beginning repeated at the end. Awesome, awesome song

Ball Park Music, you are amazing…

Here is a photo of the sunset that happened whilst Ball Park aced their set at Groovin’ the Moo Bendigo


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So tomorrow is the highly anticipated ‘Groovin the Moo’ festival in Bendigo, and I am delighted to inform you that I shall be attending.
I am super excited to see two bands in particular; The Preatures and Sticky Fingers (who were the main reasons why I purchased the tickets), but I am also excited to go to a music festival for the first time… #Rookie

So for this week’s ‘Song of the Week’, in celebration of the fact I am attending my first festival, I thought I would do a double whammy post and choose my favourite song from each of the artists mentioned above and share them with you lovely people *all cheer*

Here we go boys and girls…

I fell in love with The Preatures thanks to Spotify, who knew what they were about and used ‘Is This How You Feel?’, The Preatures most well-known song, for their ad. ‘Is This How You Feel?’ is such a catchy tune. Izzi, the lead singer, has the voice of an angel and the layering of her vocal recordings is one of my favourite elements of the song. This song is so upbeat and has a really funky bass riff that ties the whole song together. I am SO EXCITED to see this song performed live tomorrow, as it is one of those songs that has everyone dancing and bopping along…
The Preatures with ‘Is This How You Feel?’

I remember downloading Sticky Fingers’s song ‘Caress Your Soul’ back when it was for download for free on the Triple J website a few years ago, and I instantly fell in love with the song’s reggae vibes and sexy vocals. The lyrics are superbly cute and romantic and I just love Dylan Frost’s (lead singer) voice- it is just ahhh.
I can’t wait to hear it live and film it and reminisce from the days when I would listen to it on repeat (before Sticky Fingers were as big as they are now)
Sticky Fingers, ‘Caress Your Soul’

Stay tuned for a photo blog!