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Who doesn’t love a bit of awesome new music?
(If you don’t, please see a GP asap)
It has been a while since Flume dropped some new music, but 14ish hours ago (according to youtube), he dropped a brand new track which features Andrew Wyatt (of Miike Snow).
This track has that classic Flume sound and structure with a new and upbeat vibe- its not as dancey as some of his more famous songs, but it is still hella catchy and definitely grows on you with every listen. It is a little eery but every bit awesome.

Between this track with Flume and his countless collaborations with Mark Ronson (on both his 2010 album Record Collection and his most recent release, Uptown Special), Andrew Wyatt is definitely getting in with the best of the industry as a featured artist.

So here is your Song of the Week, hot off da press- Flume with Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt)

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It occurred to me the other day that it has been a while since I loaded some new music onto my iPod. Whilst searching through the Triple J playlist archive for some inspiration and through my endless screenshots of Shazam results, I came across this lovely little tune by homegrown legend, Courtney Barnett.

Depreston is a lovely little tune about house hunting, particularly in Preston. First of all, the title is bloody awesome= Depreston – Genius. Second of all, I have family who live in Preston, and have been to Preston multiple times and I definitely understand where Courtney is coming from. I also relate to her when she says she saves ‘Iā€™m saving twenty-three dollars a week’ by not buying coffee= I think I would save at least $30 per week if I stopped buying coffee/coffees.

But this song, despite what it is about, is just as awesome as the title. It is simple, but beautiful with its emphasis on the vocals, guitar and subtle drums. Its perfect for easy listening on those rainy days and its definitely suitable for those Preston house hunting endeavours.

The amount of talent coming out of this country is phenominal. Artists are absolutely smashing it here and overseas and it makes mevery proud to be Australian.

Here is the Song of the Week, ‘Depreston’ by Courtney Barnett

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be attending an 80s dress up party as Boy George. WELL… Last night, in the depths of the racks at Greensborough Savers, I found it- the mother of all costumes- a handmade jacket that Boy George would have swooned over.
I am two days away from changing my eyebrows, pulling out the bright eye shadow, weaving ribbons into my hair and partying like it’s 1985! In light of this, I decided to do another Boy George related ‘Song of the Week’.

“Somebody To Love Me” is the third track off Mark Ronsons’s 2010 album Record Collection And features Andrew Wyaty and Boy George (yay!). I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. Something about it’s funky drum beat juxtaposed with lyrics of desperation and love & the sweet piano sequence repeated throughout.

It kind of is as if Andrew Wyatt is representative of a young Boy George, one who loved to party and Boy George is representative of himself now in the future, reflecting on his youth and life. The combination of the younger and older rounds out the idea that the character that may in fact be George, is looking for somebody who will love him for his past, present and future self.
Maybe I am getting too deep, who knows?! But this song will forever be in my top 10 favourite songs of all time and I hope that Mark Ronson pulls out this track when I see him live on July 29!

Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt and Boy George with ‘Somebody to Love Me’

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Tame Impala, you have done it again.
Just yesterday, Tame Impala released the 5th single off their upcoming album ‘Currents’, due to be released July 17th (SO CLOSE YET SO FAR). I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it again- I am a MASSIVE Tame fan and their new material has blown the socks off me- exceeding all expectations
Along with the confirmation of the album release date, a beautiful song that goes by the title ‘Eventually’ was announced and it has quickly taken place as my favourite Tame Impala song yet.
It is a slower paced song, but still contains that classic reflective vibe that is present in their old material. But this song is different to the others that have been released off the upcoming album. I think it can be described as Tame Impala’s classic distortion and mellow guitar mixed with a few tracks released from a few of my favourite artists…
Phoenix’s ‘Chloroform’
Andy Bull’s ‘Nothing is Wrong’
Grizzly Bear’s ‘Sun in Your Eyes’

I love it. I love it. I love it.
The vibes, the lyrics, the meaning and the simplicity of it.
It’s probably not suitable for a dance party, but its a killer addition to your rainy day playlist and I can confirm that this will make an appearance on my voting ballot for the Hottest 100 2015 *just sayin*

I now present you with Eventually by Tame Impala šŸ™‚

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So tomorrow is the highly anticipated ‘Groovin the Moo’ festival in Bendigo, and I am delighted to inform you that I shall be attending.
I am super excited to see two bands in particular; The Preatures and Sticky Fingers (who were the main reasons why I purchased the tickets), but I am also excited to go to a music festival for the first time… #Rookie

So for this week’s ‘Song of the Week’, in celebration of the fact I am attending my first festival, I thought I would do a double whammy post and choose my favourite song from each of the artists mentioned above and share them with you lovely people *all cheer*

Here we go boys and girls…

I fell in love with The Preatures thanks to Spotify, who knew what they were about and used ‘Is This How You Feel?’, The Preatures most well-known song, for their ad. ‘Is This How You Feel?’ is such a catchy tune. Izzi, the lead singer, has the voice of an angel and the layering of her vocal recordings is one of my favourite elements of the song. This song is so upbeat and has a really funky bass riff that ties the whole song together. I am SO EXCITED to see this song performed live tomorrow, as it is one of those songs that has everyone dancing and bopping along…
The Preatures with ‘Is This How You Feel?’

I remember downloading Sticky Fingers’s song ‘Caress Your Soul’ back when it was for download for free on the Triple J website a few years ago, and I instantly fell in love with the song’s reggae vibes and sexy vocals. The lyrics are superbly cute and romantic and I just love Dylan Frost’s (lead singer) voice- it is just ahhh.
I can’t wait to hear it live and film it and reminisce from the days when I would listen to it on repeat (before Sticky Fingers were as big as they are now)
Sticky Fingers, ‘Caress Your Soul’

Stay tuned for a photo blog!


Following on from yesterday’s ‘Song of the Week’, I have decided to flash the spotlight on Mac DeMarco, the legend of surf rock.

I first got onto Mac after the release of his most recent album Salad Days. It became the soundtrack to my annual beach holiday and was the perfect accompaniment to the rainy Torquay days as well as the sunny surf days. But I didn’t stop listening to Salad Days when I got home, in fact I began to listen to it more and more and more. I remember he played a concert a week before my 18th birthday and I was shattered that I was a week too young to attend. It was at that moment that I realised I hadn’t listened to much of his earlier stuff (I’m still confused as to why I didn’t think of exploring his discography until)
So this week I shall pay homage to the goofiest of indie rockstars, Mr Mac DeMarco…

1. Goodbye Weekend– Salad Days (2014)
I play this song on repeat for an hour on a Sunday night and then again one last time on my commute into uni on a Monday morning. The wobbly guitar and soothing sound of Mac’s voice makes that hard goodbye a little bit easier…

2. My Kind of Woman– 2 (2012)
The innocent guitar lingering in the background of this song just gives such a romantic vibe to this song, accompanying the lyrics so well. This song combines desperation, love and surf rock in such a beautiful way… The music video for this song made me smile- I mean cute lil Mac putting on lipstick.. come on guys nawwww

3. Chamber of Reflection– Salad Days (2014)
Yep, synth, killin me Mac!!!
This is my number 2 favourite Mac DeMarco song. The bass is so smooth and just gets me in and don’t even get me started on the synth. His voice is so relaxing and angelic in a sexy indie way. I actually can’t even describe it because as I am listening to it right now, I am being sent into a complete state of relaxation and my mind is just asdghklsfhdjkslh.
It is such a beautiful song that makes for a killer bedtime tune but also gets me groovin’ at the same time. And the music video is hilariously quirky!

4. Ode to Viceroy– 2 (2012)
This song is one of his more well known, and you can tell why. The strong guitar layered with the subtle bass and the finishing touch of Mac’s kooky lyrics and style.. ahhhh šŸ™‚

5. Passing Out Pieces– Salad Days (2014)
This is my absolute favourite song of Mac’s, and one of my all time favourite songs. I can’t even pick my favourite elements of the song because I love it all. I love the meaning behind the lyrics and just everything. I love it all.
I listen to this song at least once a day and is one of those songs that suits all seasons (I love it most on a rainy day). I know I will love this song forever and I hope you fall in love with it too!

Hopefully one day I will be able to see the smooth, cool and quirky Mac DeMarco live in concert, but for the time being, I will just watch the rain fall and listen to him on repeat…

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This week’s song of the week has been on repeat all week- it has overtaken ‘Tusk’ as the number 1 song on my ‘Top 25 Most Played’ playlist… It is ‘Freaking Out the Neighbourhood’ by Mac DeMarco.
I have been a Mac DeMarco lover for a while, mainly listening to his most recent album, Salad Days, because it’s so freakin good! And the music videos are so freakin’ crazy cool.
I was watching his doco on Pitchfork’s youtube channel late the other night and it was clear that Mac must be the topic of discussion for not only my ‘Song of the Week’, but my ‘Saturday Spotlight’ which will be coming your way tomorrow!
Also, he recently announced that he will be releasing a mini LP in August- I SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT!

‘Freaking Out the Neighbourhood’ is a seriously addictive 2 minutes and 55 seconds, filled with Mac’s cheesy lyrics and surf rock vibes. My favourite bit of the song is the guitar sequence at the end- it’s so funky and retro and it just gives the song an extra 10000 cool points (like it wasn’t the coolest song already?!)
No matter what the weather is like outside, this song makes me feel like I’m surfing waves back in the 70s in my American Apparel swimsuit… Don’t ask why, just listen for yourself- Mac DeMarco, ‘Freakin Out the Neighbourhood’

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A very close friend, who is the Oates to my Hall, sent me a little invitation to her 80’s themed birthday party. I didn’t even have to rack my brains for a costume idea- BOY GEORGE!!!
Funnily enough, I was part way through watching ‘Worried About the Boy’ when the invite came through. I forgot how amazing it was, and to think that Douglas Booth was only 17 when the film was shot. His performance is, in my opinion, one of the best acting performances I have witnessed.
I was raised on 80’s music and I began to really appreciate it when I was 13/14. It was Mark Ronson’s album, Record Collection, that motivated me to listen to more of Boy George’s music as he featured on what is now one of my favourite songs of all time, ‘Somebody to Love Me’.
Anyway, I have had Culture Club stuck in my head for a solid 5 days and of course, that means I have to use one of their songs for my ‘Song of the Week’!
Do You Want To Hurt Me exhibits Boy George’s voice beautifully- his ability to hit his notes in a flawless fashion, and his ability to vocally express emotion so incredibly well. It has a reggae vibe with a chilled pop twist.
I am pleased to say I have located the hat he is wearing in the film clip and will be purchasing it for not only dress-up purposes, but also for general life (Boy George’s fashion is on point).

So here is my ‘Song of the Week’… Culture Club- Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

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So… TAME IMPALA ANNOUNCED THEY ARE RELEASING A NEW ALBUM, THEIR FIRST RELEASE SINCE 2012! I was going to build some suspense but I just can’t hide my excitement.
Along with this news, the 2nd single from their upcoming album, Currents, was dropped on Easter Sunday (not by the Easter Bunny though) and it is a song of sheer brilliance.
But for this weeks ‘Song of the Week’, I thought I would focus on the first single which was released out of nowhere on March 26th; 7 minutes 50 of pure beauty, creativity and talent…’Let It Happen’.

My mother describes Tame Impala’s music as ‘a suitable soundtrack for illicit drug use’ but I see it more as soothing alternative amazingness. I have refrained from playing this song for her as I am waiting for the right moment, when she is in a vulnerable state and then comes to the realisation that Tame Impala are clever, creative and FREAKIN’ AWESOME.

‘Let It Happen’ starts off in the usual Tame Impala style, but with an upbeat edge that weaves in and out of the track. It then morphs into a synth solo and back out into the upbeat tune. It has a beginning, middle and an end which are obvious and give the song another 50000 cool points; whilst most songs these days have a beginning, middle and end, none of them execute it as well as Tame.

Anyways, I’ll stop trying to communicate its awesomeness to you and I’ll leave you with the link and you can listen for yourselves… you will be hooked within an instant.

Here it is… The first single off Tame Impala’s upcoming album, Currents, ‘Let It Happen’

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Monday was a stressful day…
It was 11.50am and I was just about to go and do a practical exercise for media 1…But alas, the pre-sale tickets were just about to go on sale!
I followed my group outside; camera bag in one hand and my iPhone with the Ticketek mobile page up in the other… 11:51, 11:52, 11:53, 11:54…getting shaky now…11:55, 11:56, 11:57…nerves really kick in…11:58, 11:59…REFRESH… no tickets.
I patiently waited 10 minutes- the length of the expiry time on the Ticketek online shopping carts. I then tried again…BANG- all of a sudden, I AM GOING TO FLEETWOOD MAC!

I was bought up on Gold 104.3. My parents took my brother and I to see B52s at ‘A Day on the Green’ and then to Spandau Ballet in 2010. Whilst it took me a few years to realise how awesome the music from my parents generation actually is, I appreciate it now and that is all that matters!
This weeks ‘Song of the Week’ is a Gold 104.3 classic and makes a notable appearance on my “Most Favourite Songs Ever” playlist (which is like the Triple J Hottest 100, but a hell of a lot better).
It combines strange noises, animals and marching bands with catchy and meaningful lyrics- so it is pretty much like the musical version of a happy meal and is the one song that I am looking the most forward to hearing live

But there is something about this song that just keeps me coming back for more- this song must be listened to for a minimum of 3 times in a row.
Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.
This weeks ‘Song of the Week’ is ‘Tusk’ by Fleetwood Mac… ENJOY!!! (3+ times in a row)

Also stay tuned for my Saturday Spotlight on Fleetwood Mac in the coming months!

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