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Following on from last weeks spotlight, annnddd of course my obsession with Alex Turner, I thought I would shine the spotlight on a lovely little supergroup called ‘The Last Shadow Puppets’ consisting of Miles Kane (The Rascals), James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, Simian) and the one and only Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys).

This superb group may have been quiet for the past couple of years, but the beauty of their music created by their atmospheric, cinematic, innocent and oh so very adorable sound is one that no doubtably puts a smile on my face.

Here are 5 delightful pieces of lyrical and instrumental genius that you deserve to hear

1. The Meeting Place– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
You are already well aware that Alex Turner is a lyric genius, and this song again just continues to prove it. This tune tells the tale of an ending relationship and a boy who is stuck in the heartbreak of it all. It is such a cute little tune, despite the sad lyrics. The addition of the orchestral elements in the background just rounds off the atmospheric nature of the song and is just purely awesome. This song would be perfect as the soundtrack for a very lovely European silent film and I love it very much.

2. Calm Like You– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
I love how each of TLSP songs are their own little songs- their album becomes a collection of short stories. This song is of more an intense nature and I love bursts of the guitar layered with the drums- pure genius

3. My Mistakes Were Made for You– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
I love how this song combines those sexy and powerful bond-like instrumental elements and chords with those cute little Alex Turner vibes. All I can say is, I hope Alex Turner’s mistakes were made for me- I love him mistakes and all.

4. The Age of the Understatement– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
This song is like a theme song for the supergroup. It sounds like the song that would accompany the opening scene for a Western film about a desirable and heroic Outlaw and perfectly combines all the film-soundtrack sounding elements that are scattered throughout the songs on the album. Sheer brilliance!

5. Standing Next to Me– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
This is my favourite song written by this lovely little group. Its the perfect combination of unromantic romance, innocence and unintentional cuteness. The harmonies are powerful and the strings add such a light and pretty element to the song. It is awesome on the album and even better live- especially when it is performed when nobody is expecting it.

Each song is so unique, yet laced in the cinematic and atmospheric feel carried throughout the discography of The Last Shadow Puppets. I love how they have revived elements of the 70s and old Bond films and placed them in a new and terribly adorable light.
Rumours have spread that Miles and Alex have written a film- hopefully they will reunite to record the soundtrack because, if I haven’t made it extremely evident already, they ROCK at making music.

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Back in year 9, I had this teacher who loved to analyse music videos- He introduced my year level to ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ before it had even been played on the radio. And whilst he was terrible at eye contact, facial recognition and reading aloud, he introduced me to Arcade Fire- a band who I now hold very close to my heart… and for that, I am grateful.

For those uncultured individuals who are unaware of who Arcade Fire is, they are an indie rock back from the land of Canada who are comprised of two brothers, a wife, and 3 friends (and a few extras who like to tag along from time to time). They are well known for not only their album releases as a band, but for scoring Spike Jonze’s Her, my favourite movie ever.
Why not delve into the world of Arcade Fire for this week’s ‘Saturday Spotlight’…

1. No Cars Go– Neon Bible (2007)
This song is so so clever- the combination of strings an drums creates this kind of busy energy that could be likened to a busy road- its atmospheric in a hectic way..
This song, ironically, makes for a pretty awesome night city- roadtrip song. Love it very much

2. My Body is a Cage– Neon Bible (2007)
Also from Neon Bible, this song is also atmospheric. The haunting organ in the background, as well as the slightly distorted vocals creates an eery feel. As it starts to build, everything is intensified- It is one of those songs that you listen to in the early hours of the morning, when the moon is out and everyone is asleep and it just hits you right in the feels and senses…

3. You Already Know– Reflektor (2013)
This song is on the poppier side- its catchy and boppy and wonderful. I also love the music video for this song- it is quite harry potter-esque and enertaining

4. We Exist– Reflektor (2013)
I love this song, but I am mainly linking it for the music video. You may at first say a lovely little Oh hello.. to the perfectly perfect Andrew Garfield! But this music video is touching on a really important topic- gender identity. I LOVE it when celebrities and musicians put their talent to good use- to highlight issues in society

5. Some Other Place– Her OST (2013)
I can’t even describe my love for this song. It is perfectly peaceful, yet shares its melody and tune with another Arcade Fire song, ‘Porno’, from their 2013 album Reflektor. The simplicity of the piano and the echoing of the strings creates such an atmosphere and really exhibits the beauty of the film. Its the perfect lullaby…

6. Reflektor– Reflektor (2013)
7 minute + long creative and quirky songs are what I live for, and Reflektor is one of them. Despite the fact I don’t speak french and can’t understand half the lyrics, I still love to sing along to this song (and of course, dance too). I love every element of this song- the vocals, drums, guitar, piano- I LOVE IT ALL! Funkier and funkier with every second that passes
God bless title tracks…

7. The Suburbs– The Suburbs (2010)
ANOTHER AWESOME TITLE TRACK!!! The song where my love for Arcade Fire began. I had only just found ‘my sound’; the music I liked not because everyone else liked it, but because I liked it. It is simply beautiful and I can’t even say anything else… This song will always hold a special place in my heart and I will be playing it forever.

As I chose these songs linked above, it became evident that Arcade Fire are so versatile- they can produce songs from various styles that sit in the indie genre and execute them in such an awesome fashion. They have songs for the sad says and songs for the happy, for the dancey and for those rainy days when all you want to do is eat and sleep.
Arcade Fire- you absolutely freakin rock.

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A year ago today was the best day of my life. In 40 years if you ask me to recall the best day of my life, May 9th 2014 may overtake my wedding on the list.
A year ago today, I was serenaded by Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Nick O’Malley and Jamie Cook- Arctic Monkeys (from High Green Sheffield) at Rod Laver Arena.
I may love Tame Impala, I may love The Black Keys, I may love Mark Ronson, but Arctic Monkeys will always be my one true love, the band that I will never retire from listening to.
I remember the exact moment when I listened to my first Arctic Monkeys song- the classic ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’/ At the time, I hadn’t really discovered this thing called ‘good music’, well until I heard that song. But it wasn’t until the release of my now all-time favourite song ‘Crying Lighting’ in 2009 that I jumped on the band wagon… and I never looked back.
How would I describe Arctic Monkeys?
Sexy, smokin’ rock ‘n’ roll.

I even struggled to formulate that phrase- they are indescribable; too perfect for words.
There is a song for every mood, every situation, every moment. Music videos that make you weak at the knees, accents that make your eyes light up, bass lines that absolutely melt my heart AND ALEX TURNERS THAT MAKE YOUR ALEX TURNERS TURNERS AHSUIGJKHDSGJAKHSFLK
I love them more than I love free things, cuddles and protein bars (if you know me, you will know that that is a big call)

Their music helped me through some shit times and enhanced the good times and I will forever hold them close to my heart.

*ALSO: Quick tip: The key to my heart is possessed by Alex Turner- if you go fetch him you can unlock my heart… or let him do it, yeh actually let him do it*

Anyways, before I go all fan-girl on you *I AM CONTROLLING MYSELF SO MUCH RIGHT NOW OMG* I shall now honour them in the best way possible, well besides a shrine… Saturday Spotlight…

It is hard to count all my favourite Arctic Monkeys songs on one hand, but I’ll give it a go…

1. R U Mine?– AM (2013)

I’ll start you off with a recent one that you have a) probably heard on the radio or b) probably heard me drumming or singing in the shower/toilet/other
It’s the perfect combination of golden lyrics, crazy good drums, catchy bass line and ALEX TURNER ASKING ME IF I AM HIS.
If this song was a person, it would be Alex Turner- it is smooth, sexy, crisp and deliciously perfect.
Each element of this song is executed at a 1000/10 standard- each note, each word, everything and I can tell you from personal experience- it is just as bloody incredible live.
I consider it a lullaby, dance party song and drum out your anger tune- categorise it for yourself.

2. Cornerstone– Humbug (2009)
A song off my favourite album of all time, that is sure to break your heart and glue it back together in 3 minutes and 9 seconds. This song is the perfect example of why Alex Turner is the lyrical legend of all generations past and present. I am trying so hard to describe this song to you but it is currently playing in the background and my heart is breaking, making it terribly difficult to write. Luckily, the beauty and sadness of this song is pretty obvious, listen and you shall hear.

3. 505– Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007)
A loaded number…
This song is a beautiful exhibition of love and desperation combined. No matter where his love is *COUGH ALEXA CHUNG COUGH*, he is willing to travel to her despite the distance.
When the song breaks into the rock heavy part, feel your heart shatter into tiny little pieces and then again with guitar riff that weaves itself into the song and builds and builds then echoes away … bloody incredible

Before I get too fangirly, turn off the lights, plug in your earphones and experience this song for yourself. It is in my top 3 Arctic Monkeys songs ever released and in the Top 10 of my Favourite Songs Ever playlist. It is the perfect balance of emotion, drums and Alex Turner. Farrr outttttt I love it

4. Fireside– AM (2013)

Whilst we are in the feelsy state, I’m gonna enhance it, extend it and melt your heart a couple more times. This song is loaded with sadness, emotion and depth and the detail not only in the lyrics, but through the instrumental aspects of the song too. The echoes of the vocals represents the repetition of these thoughts that circle around Alex’s head and the ‘shoowaps’ that are layered throughout adds a 70s feel and the tamborine adds the perfect finishing touch- shakiness related to the uncertainty Alex is describing.
I love it, and yes, please do listen to it fireside…

5. I Wanna Be Yours– AM (2013)
Here is the final song of the feels trilogy. I can’t listen to this song without crying, you can even play it for me and watch me struggle to contain the tears.
The lyrics of this song originate from a poem by John Cooper-Clarke that was hardly intended to be as dark and deep as it is in the form of this song. Somehow, Alex Turner makes these desperate and crazy acts to prove his love, such as becoming a vaccuum cleaner ‘breathing in your dust’ sound so terribly romantic- acting as an instant lasso around your heart. The slow drums and backup vocals pull your heart strings too and then the final reverb and echo of the guitar just ahhhhhhh *melts*

6. Brianstorm– Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006)
And for something a little different 😉
This song is still the reason why I want to take up the drums. Its completely wicked in every way- lyrics made of gold, drums that dreams are made of and everything good in the world all combined.

7. All My Own Stunts– Suck it and See (2011)
This song is just awesome. It has those golden Alex Turner lyrics, drums from the heavens with the added hint of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. I love the transitions from the darker rock to the lighter chorus and back to the darker rock- its so simple, but so loaded.
I don’t even know where to begin with this song. Its so great and definitely should make an appearance in your winter playlist.
Oh and how sick is the guitar riff!!!!

8. Knee Socks– AM (2013)
God this song is so silky smooth and sexy.
The deep bass and simple drums in conjunction with that cute little guitar riff- I just can’t.
I literally went and purchased about 5 pairs of knee socks after I heard this song and my darling mother returned from an overseas trip with a sky blue Lacoste, just like the one referenced int he song.
This is just the silkiest, sexiest, greatest little song. I love it so much and its AMAZING LIVE

9. Piledriver Waltz– Suck it and See
This song is simply beautiful. It is a perfect little lullaby and so utterly romantic. Alex reworked it for the soundtrack of one of my favourite films, Submarine, and if you thought it couldn’t get anymore beautiful, whoops- that version just did.
The simplicity of the instruments allows for the intricate poetry that is the lyrics to become evident and enhance the serenading quality of the song.

10. Crying Lightning– Humbug (2009)
My favourite song ever, coincidently off my favourite album ever.
This song takes me back to the days where I had found good music, great music; music that I could relate to, music that made me feel something through its lyrics or bass or something, music that I loved. I love how this song takes a narrative approach, and how every instrumental aspect just enhances the mood of the story and listening to the song becomes like this atmospheric experience. Every time I listen to this song, I pick up on another little detail that makes me weak at the knees or that just slaps me in the face with its awesomeness and excellent execution.
The last minute or so of this song is just perfect…it, to me, is an instrumental expression of a storm- not only complimenting the title of the song, but just proving once again, why Arctic Monkeys are the best band of all time.

I could go on for thousands of words about Arctic Monkeys, their albums, songs, style, vibes, sound etc but I shall have to retire for now. I can’t believe that one year ago, I went to the greatest concert I have ever been too, saw my soon to be husband in the flesh and heard all those songs that hold a special place in my heart.

Arctic Monkeys- please hurry up and release another album. K, Thanks, Bye ❤

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I just got home from Groovin the Moo festival and IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! The line-up was amazing on paper, but when you are there and listening to it all, act after act, it comes to life in a way that is more amazing than imaginable. Despite the fact there were artists from all over the world, the Australian acts were the stand outs; they played perfect sets- each song just as good or better than the recorded version… OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE
If I had to narrow it down, my favourite acts were Hermitude, The Preatures and Ball Park Music and if I had to narrow it down to one, it would definitely be Ball Park Music.
I already had a few of their songs on my iPod, but after seeing them perfomed live and hearing a few of their others songs my love for them has grown. They are the perfect example of the talent present in the Australian Music Industry and deserve to by spotlighted on this beautiful Saturday…

1. It’s Nice To Be Alive– Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs (2011)
This song is the perfect combination of cutesy and romantic lyrics intertwined with a feel good vibe. This was playing as the sun set in Bendigo on the Groovin the Moo festival. It is the perfect song to listen to on a sunny day or to listen to whilst dancing away doing pretty much any daily activity.

2. Trippin’ The Light Fantastic– Puddinghead (2014)
The juxtaposition of indie rock and distorted electronic like elements creates a superb little number that is perfect for a mini dance party.
This song was AWESOME live!!!

3. Error Playin’– Puddinghead (2014)
Probably my favourite Ball Park Music song. It’s atmospheric in an indie rock kind of way. The vocal reverb adds a nice texture to the tune and the riff at the end is the perfect finishing touch.

4. Diane Young (Cover of Vampire Weekend)– Triple J Like a Version
This Triple J Like a Version is one of my favourite Like a Versions. It is just a crisper and boppy version of an already boppy song- double boppiness? Yes please!

5. She Only Loves Me When I’m There– Puddinghead (2014)
This Hottest 100 favourite, with its catchy lyrics and edgy guitar is the perfect addition to any playlist. I love the way the calming introduction transitions into a banging tune, and then comes full circle with the calming and innocent time of the beginning repeated at the end. Awesome, awesome song

Ball Park Music, you are amazing…

Here is a photo of the sunset that happened whilst Ball Park aced their set at Groovin’ the Moo Bendigo


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Following on from yesterday’s ‘Song of the Week’, I have decided to flash the spotlight on Mac DeMarco, the legend of surf rock.

I first got onto Mac after the release of his most recent album Salad Days. It became the soundtrack to my annual beach holiday and was the perfect accompaniment to the rainy Torquay days as well as the sunny surf days. But I didn’t stop listening to Salad Days when I got home, in fact I began to listen to it more and more and more. I remember he played a concert a week before my 18th birthday and I was shattered that I was a week too young to attend. It was at that moment that I realised I hadn’t listened to much of his earlier stuff (I’m still confused as to why I didn’t think of exploring his discography until)
So this week I shall pay homage to the goofiest of indie rockstars, Mr Mac DeMarco…

1. Goodbye Weekend– Salad Days (2014)
I play this song on repeat for an hour on a Sunday night and then again one last time on my commute into uni on a Monday morning. The wobbly guitar and soothing sound of Mac’s voice makes that hard goodbye a little bit easier…

2. My Kind of Woman– 2 (2012)
The innocent guitar lingering in the background of this song just gives such a romantic vibe to this song, accompanying the lyrics so well. This song combines desperation, love and surf rock in such a beautiful way… The music video for this song made me smile- I mean cute lil Mac putting on lipstick.. come on guys nawwww

3. Chamber of Reflection– Salad Days (2014)
Yep, synth, killin me Mac!!!
This is my number 2 favourite Mac DeMarco song. The bass is so smooth and just gets me in and don’t even get me started on the synth. His voice is so relaxing and angelic in a sexy indie way. I actually can’t even describe it because as I am listening to it right now, I am being sent into a complete state of relaxation and my mind is just asdghklsfhdjkslh.
It is such a beautiful song that makes for a killer bedtime tune but also gets me groovin’ at the same time. And the music video is hilariously quirky!

4. Ode to Viceroy– 2 (2012)
This song is one of his more well known, and you can tell why. The strong guitar layered with the subtle bass and the finishing touch of Mac’s kooky lyrics and style.. ahhhh 🙂

5. Passing Out Pieces– Salad Days (2014)
This is my absolute favourite song of Mac’s, and one of my all time favourite songs. I can’t even pick my favourite elements of the song because I love it all. I love the meaning behind the lyrics and just everything. I love it all.
I listen to this song at least once a day and is one of those songs that suits all seasons (I love it most on a rainy day). I know I will love this song forever and I hope you fall in love with it too!

Hopefully one day I will be able to see the smooth, cool and quirky Mac DeMarco live in concert, but for the time being, I will just watch the rain fall and listen to him on repeat…

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I remember listening to Andy Bull back in 2010, when his song featuring Lisa Mitchell, Dog, was a featured download on the Triple J website. I instantly fell in love with his sound and knew that one day I would see him in concert. Little did I know that 4 years later, on a lovely Autumn evening, not only would I be seeing him in concert, but that I WOULD BE FRONT ROW, LATER GIVING HIM A HUG AND TALKING TO HIM!

Last night, I went to see him live, with Cub Sport and Lanks, at 170 Russell. I don’t know whether it was his incredible and distinct voice, piano skills or his extremely symmetrical/aesthetic face that ‘got’ me all those years ago, but all I know is that last night I got to stand right at the front and watch all the songs that have racked up extremely high play counts on my iPod come to life.

Seeing as I am in such a state and still recovering, I thought I would shine the spotlight on the World’s Most Aesthetically Pleasing and Talented Man…

Here are my favourite Andy Bull songs plus a special bonus 🙂


*Calms down to write and link*

1. Small Town Girl– [single] (2008)
This song was released before I discovered the amazingness that is Andy Bull, or ‘good music’ for that matter. Oh how Andy was melting hearts before anybody could see how aesthetically pleasing his jaw line is… ahhhhh
I love how soulful this song is, plus how little, young and cute he looks. His hair is reminiscent of Alex Turner’s at the same time- the long haired phase of 2008-2010.

2. Dog (feat. Lisa Mitchell)– The Phantom Pains EP (2010)
This is a little after the long hair phase, but the piano heavy-waltzy feel is still present in this tune (I love it). It was the first Andy Bull tune I ever listened to, and I love it more and more every time I listen to it. Its quite a raw song in comparison with his newer stuff and is almost reminiscent of Regina Spector’s music. This song is so beautiful and gentile, despite the intensity of its lyrics. Also a lovely collaboration between two amazing home-grown artists!

3. Keep On Running– Sea of Approval (2014)
I’m not lying when I say Andy Bull is the World’s Most Aesthetically Pleasing Man- even his music videos are aesthetically pleasing.
This song is more electronic than his early stuff, but still equally as soulful/emotional.
It made it to number 57 in the Triple J Hottest 100 2013 (but it should have been higher) and makes many appearances on playlists on various devices of mine. It is ironically a good running/jogging song and I love it very much.

4. Baby I am Nobody Now
Just when you think you are in love with him, check out how well he wears the white t-shirt in this music video- IT IS SO CRISP AND LOVELY. Everything he touches turns into an aesthetic work of art for your eyes and ears. Shadows caress his face like… I can’t even… and I’m fan-girling again!
It is such a catchy song and I agree with most of the lyrics… let me break it down for you…
“Baby I’m a 10 outta 10”- Hell yeh you are Andy
“Baby I’m one hell of a find”- Hell yeh you are Andy
“Baby I’m one of a kind”- Hell yeh you are Andy
“Baby I’m once in a lifetime”- Hell yeh you are Andy

5. Talk Too Much– Sea of Approval (2014)
This is my ultimate karaoke, dance party, midnight jams and pretty much all purpose song. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing (surprise, surprise) but Megan Washington makes an appearance in the music video- one of my other favourite Australian singer-songwriters.
It is an insanely catchy song and gets the feels going in an indie pop way

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – [Tears for Fears cover] Like a Version 2011

This was a surprise appearance on last night’s set list, and a very fabulous surprise at that. Of all the Like a Versions, this is in my Top 10 without question.
It pretty much speaks for itself- an indie-electro-modern take on an old classic with added aesthetics…lurve it

Not even kidding, I just finished this blog and got a notification from instagram that let me know ANDY BULL LIKED MY PHOTO

Also- when I talked to him, I mentioned that he commented on my instagram photo of my plant from February and he remembered my feed and said it was ‘classy’ and very nice and that I should keep it going.

Here is a link to the plant photo… feel free to follow me too 😉

AND here is photo proof I met him…




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My parents always like to re-tell the entertaining stories of me as a child; from nudie runs to rolling my eyes at my Kinder Christmas play. But my favourite story tells the tale of 1 and a half year old me shaking like a leaf from excitement when the Spice Girls came on the radio. For as long as I can remember I have been a Spice Girls fan and I don’t recall ever not knowing the words to Wannabe. I have always claimed I am BabySpice, mainly due to the fact I am blonde, but I know i am ScarySpice at heart ❤
My love for them has carried through all these years so it is about time that I put a spotlight on my favourite Spice Girls songs.

I don't even feel like it is necessary to give you the low down on who the Spice Girls are- I will say that I think it should be a compulsory part of Primary and Secondary School education…

Here are 5 party-starting, smile inducing songs that have been the soundtrack to my life…

1. Stop– Spiceworld (1997)

This, apparently, was the number 1 song on ‘India’s Karaoke List’ when I was a child. Dad says I was constantly telling people to STOP, then following up with song more lyrics and dance moves
If you don’t know the words to this song- please go to your local GP and get a check up ASAP because something has to be wrong with you…

2. Who Do You Think You Are– Spice (1996)

Another party classic and another song from my karaoke list. This song also leaves a lot of room for lyrically-interpretive dance. Go ahead- try it for yourself!

3. Spice Up Your Life– Spiceworld (1997)

This song makes me feel like a really awesome musical lady James Bond crossed with J-Lo; don’t ask why!
This is one of the most brain-invasive Spice Girls and I don’t even mind when it gets stuck in my head

4. Goodbye– Forever (2000)

The feels, oh the feels. Geri Halliwell had left; 5 had become 4. Every girl’s heart had broken and whilst it was raining salty tears for the remaining SpiceGirls, it was raining men for Geri.
This song is special as can be classified as it doubles as not only a great break-up song, but as a way for the girls to deal with Geri’s departure from the group. If you forgot to wear your waterproof mascara today, I apologise in advance.
Beauty and sadness intertwined

5. Wannabe– Spice (1996)

Ah, the classic- the ultimate SpiceGirls track. It is flawless and beautiful and fun and bubbly and I love it so so so much. I still shake when I hear it come on at a party, and if i have had a little too much to drink, I tend to loose my voice whilst busting some pretty awesome moves.

Jennifer Saunders, one of my favourite comedians, became even more of a legend when she combined Spice Girls with Musical Theatre; writing Viva Forever! The Musical.
This is my favourite track from the show. It combines two of the most emotional Spice Girls song to create a tune that hits the feels harder than the feels have ever been hit before.
Jennifer, I thank you for this marvellous creation.

Also, just look at their faces in this video– I cry everytime 😥


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Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to see Hozier’s first ever Australian gig, and boy was it ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!
You probably know Hozier for his smash-hit “Take Me To Church”, which is played at least 10 times a day on commercial radio. After hearing his music on Spotify mid last year, I was quick to discover his debut album and it was love at first listen. His songs are a mix of soul, superb lyrics, feels, strings; all tied together with his beautiful voice and adorable Irish charm.

His concert was absolutely perfect- not only did he perform each song incredibly, but he had all of the audience involved and even taught us some things about his hometown in Ireland- educational entertainment! I am still recovering from the sheer brilliance that is Hozier live, so I thought I would honour his talent and charm in this weeks ‘Saturday Spotlight’.

Here are 5 of my favourite Hozier songs (+2 covers), besides ‘Take Me To Church’, that are must-haves for Autumn/Winter!

1. Sedated– Hozier [Deluxe Version] (2014)

The emotive nature of this song really hits me in the feels- the drums remind me of a heart beating and his voice makes me melt. Hozier is spectacular at conveying emotions in their rawest form through his voice- you can hear the desperation and it just adds to the amazingness of the song. Best listened to on a dark day.

2. Foreigner’s God– Hozier [Deluxe Version] (2014)

I just love this song. It is almost angelic with the serene back-up vocals, strings and Hozier’s voice, but it’s heavenly nature is nicely balanced with the grounding beat of the drum- brilliant!

3. Work Song– Hozier [Deluxe Version] (2014)

I believe Hozier’s voice is at its best in this song- showing off not only his vocal range and perfect execution, but his songwriting skill and romantic energy.

Man, if you aren’t falling in love with Hozier yet, you really need to get yourself checked out!

4. From Eden– Hozier [Deluxe Version] (2014)

This is one of the more playful songs on his debut album- it is romantic, pretty and suitable for all seasons!
When he performed this song live, I was convinced that my life was turning into the scene where Hilary Swank falls in love with the singer songwriter in ‘PS I Love You’ as he serenades her with his song and Irish charm… except without the Gerard Butler memory bit… oh and Hozier is a MUCH better singer… and I’m not Hilary Swank…it just reminded me of the essence of the scene okayyyyy

5. Run– Hozier [Deluxe Version] (2014)

He unfortunately ran out of time to perform this at the concert (ironic as the song is called Run), but it is probably my favourite Hozier song. I love how the clapping kind of creeps into the first verse. The song has an eery feel which is achieved through the echoey layering of vocals in conjunction with the haunting nature of that particular bass line. LOVE IT!


Do I Wanna Know?– Arctic Monkeys Cover @ BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge (2014)

I came across this cover when I was having trouble sleeping and decided to youtube stalk BBC Radio 1. I am a bit defensive of my beloved Arctic Monkeys; I usually don’t like it when other artists cover their songs as it is obviously never as good as the original. But I was absolutely astonished at how incredible Hozier’s cover of ‘Do I Wanna Know’ was. It was a completely different take on the song- it was still meaningful, but had a more sweet and romantic nature. It really got me feeling the feels and after the song was finished, I was in such a peaceful state that I slept for 10 hours and through 3 alarms.
This song is a beautiful little lullaby for all you fellow insomniacs out there.

1 Thing– Amerie Cover

Hozier pulled out another winning cover of a song- this time he gets your booty shaking. I was lucky enough to witness Hozier perform this live. I am not sure whether it was his cheeky grin or his voice but I was completely lost in the moment- it was beautiful, funky and up-beat!

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The Black Keys, to me, are like tea to an old lady- one serve a day is never enough.
The duo have been around for over a decade, producing insanely catchy songs like “Lonely Boy” and most recently “Fever”.
Last year, just after the announcement of the BluesFest lineup, I secured front row seats to see them live at Margaret Court Arena in April. But on Monday, I was distraught to discover that they needed to cancel their Australian tour due to injury.
Man I was NOT a happy girl, but despite the cancellation, my love for The Black Keys will continue to grow and grow and grow and grow. Their music, a combination of soul, blues and alternative rock is sure to satisfy you this saturday, and every other day of the week, month, year, decade, century and beyond.

Here are 5 songs that I absolutely adore and recommend you downloading as soon as you possibly can- but lets be honest you will just end up buying all their albums anyways…

1. Too Afraid to Love You– Brothers (2010)

This song is so so beautiful. The subtle howl of the wind in conjunction with the harpsichord creates haunting undertones, emphasising the emotions communicated through the lyrics. I love this song, it has so much depth and the mood is perfect for those grey-skied days.
Skip forward to 1:00 on video for the beginning of the song

2. Little Black Submarines– El Camino (2011)

This song is one of my favourite songs of all time. It starts off as this beautiful guitar/vocal number and builds up to a killer ending.
I can’t even put into words how much I love this song, you sing along and delve deep into the lyrics and then to an amazing drum solo- all in 4 minutes and 11 seconds- brilliant

3. Fever– Turn Blue (2013)

LOVE LOVE LOVE- this song is just ahhh. Dan’s voice is my weakness, and this song makes me so weak I have to wait a few minutes to regain control over my body. The song starts to get really incredible in the last minute and a half, when the emotions of the song really start to seep through- the smooth vocals, killer drum/guitar instrumental break and then ending the song with a wallowing bass line that somehow always gives me goosebumps.
It is also one of my favourite music videos- clever, entertaining and uncomfortable all in one!

4. Weight of Love– Turn Blue (2013)

I have a newfound love for listening to records in their chronological song order- start to finish, over and over again. ‘Weight of Love’ is the first track on the album, Turn Blue, and it is one of my favourite album-opening songs. It starts as an instrumental piece and morphs into a classic-Black Keys drum-guitar-killer vocals spectacular. Oh and there is an awesome guitar solo and little bass bits in addition to the already smooth bass line This song is sure to get you feeling feels.
AND it goes for 6.50- have I lured you in yet?
ALSO music video link from one hit song to the next- yesssss

5. Lonely Boy– El Camino (2011)

A song that is known to all- and has even been performed on the spoons by a lovely country lady
Its an all time fave and deserves to be linked to you 🙂

I remember listening to The Black Keys for the first time, falling fast in love with the knee-weakening voice of Dan Auerbach. Tighten Up was the first track to make its way onto my iPod and the play-count grew quickly. The music video is adorable, the track is spectacular and it will forever be one of my all-time favourite songs.

The Black Keys may have broken my heart with the cancellation of their show, but all it took was the opening note of one of their songs and I instantly forgave them.
Hopefully they reschedule their shows, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to watch their live performances and sing my heart out to Lonely Boy in the shower.

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Saturday Spotlight: Metronomy

It is a beautiful sunny Saturday, and it could be one of the last for a while…as winter is coming.
It is a perfect day to sit back, write some blogs and listen to Metronomy- one of my favourite bands.
Metronomy are an english band who have been on the scene since 1999, but critically recognised since the release of their 2006 debut studio album Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) . I decided to seriously investigate their music last year after they were listed on the Splendour in the Grass 2014 lineup. Before then, I had only really heard “The Look”, a song that made it into the Triple J Hottest 100 in 2011
SIDENOTE: I am still questioning why I never bothered to buy their albums after the first time I heard that song, because I still listen to it almost every day

Their songs are the perfect mix of cheesy lyrics, killer bass lines and quirk- ticking every box on the criteria list for ‘Freakin’ Awesome Songs/Bands’
Some of their songs are awesome and don’t even have lyrics AND they are still suitable for dance parties!
Not only do they tick all the boxes but they add and tick their own box- classic back-up ‘shoopdoopdoop-ah’-ing that actually sounds really cool.

So whilst I sit hear and indulge in a bit of kooky karaoke, I thought I would link you to 5 of my favourite metronomy songs, and let you know why they tickle my fancy.

1. I’m AquariusLove Letters (2014)

My star sign is aquarius, so I think this song is really cool because even though not all of the lyrics are probably applicable to me or my life, I still think it is a cool theme song. It encompasses the quirky aquarian energy and contains those awesome ‘shoopdoopdoop-ah’s. Sheer excellence.

2. A Thing for MeNights Out (2008)

This song is insanely catchy- chances are this won’t be leaving your head any time. It’s suitable for most interpretive dance moves and has a pretty sick music video that is karaoke friendly- SO MANY WINS!

3. Corinne– The English Riviera (2011)

Another one that will invade your brain. A few weeks ago, a friend and I spent our time waiting for a night train singing this to one another and I haven’t been able to go a day without breaking into a full performance of this song since- it makes me ‘just want to dance all the time’

4. Never Wanted– Love Letters (2014)

This song is sure to get the feels going in a quirky-pop kind of way. Again, its probably the subtle bass that gets me.
It is also a really good song to listen to when you get down, the lyric “but it gets better” is emphasised through repetition and it kind of becomes like a bit of a mantra… well sorry to get all language analysis on you but have a listen for yourself!

5. Everything Goes My Way– The English Riviera

A theme song for when everything literally goes your way or when you want to be sarcastic because nothing has gone your way.
Sing loud either way!

oh and how could I forget- oh yeh I didn’t forget because THE BEST DOESN’T EVEN DESERVE A NUMBER
The LookThe English Riviera (2011)

This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it (and trust me the play count is insanely high).
Maybe it is because its equal parts catchy and emotional… or maybe it is because the bass line pretty much kills me each time I hear it.
Actually no its a perfect combination of everything- the assembly and performance of the song.
It’s perfection is self explanatory. Possibly my most favourite song of all time…

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!

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