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You thought I had forgotten you, didn’t you?

Well guess what, I haven’t! I am back from my blogging hiatus.

What have you been up to?
Where have you been?
What was more important than talking to a page with the name ‘Blog’?

I imagine these are the questions you are asking.
Let me take it one at a time…

What have you been up to?

Well in amongst the sparse amount of blogs posted last semester, I learnt how to stand up for my self in both a professional and academic sense. I was learning at uni yes, but I proved to myself and others that I’m not a dumb blonde who can be pushed around- I am a strong, indi-pendent, VERY pale white girl who is motivated and has a brain.

This realisation also was influential in me scoring an internship! WOOHOO! I discovered that I am not too bad at copywriting- and that I enjoy it ALOT.

Around about the same time, I got a new job #workworkworkworkworkwork for a very fun and exciting company, where I spend 15-20 ish hours per week dressing up in pretty clothes and having a blast with my best friends. Thats the dream, isn’t it?

Well its up there, but I have also been thinking about where I want this degree to take me. I’m writing up a few plans and blueprints, but don’t worry, I’ve written it all in pencil and keep an eraser near by, just incase anything exciting and completely game changing occurs.

OHHH! and I got my Ps… and a car… and a life… and my wisdom teeth removed… and another year older<3

Where have you been?
Fighting crimes… just keep it on the hush, will you?

What was more important than talking to a page with the name ‘Blog’?
I don’t know, I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me…

Well I’m happy to announce that I am back, and its for good.
Semester 1 2016, you look terribly promising.
Watch this space (cadet)

Any questions, shoot a comment below ❤

I x


This is a personal post…

I promised myself that I wouldn’t give in and write a personal post for my blog… BUT I AM DROWNING IN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIES and it is not ok!!!
I blame Pop Culture; I mean, if I didn’t have to annotate 4 articles and whip them up into an annotated bibliography for the group project, as well as another 4ish other huge assignment, I would be just left with the 5 for Media 1…If I add it up correctly, I get a whopping total of 14ish articles that need to be annotated, summarised and then applied to my work.
Oh a little bit of background information on me and my relationship with reading for educational purposes= I HATE IT. It took me 5 weeks to read one of my Year 12 English texts because I didn’t want a bar of it. And the only time I have wanted to read anything for school was when we studied The Hunger Games, and I wanted to read it because I had already seen the film, meaning I could understand it all better as I had already seen the story in filmic form.

So here I am, whipping up a dreaded personal-style blog because I am procrastinating from those 14 readings that await my eyes on the other tabs of my Google Chrome browser.
I have downloaded the articles into PDFs so I can put them into iBooks on my iPad, hopefully I can man up and read. I can’t let myself down because I just can’t be bothered- I don’t give up, I don’t fail…ahhh man

If you don’t see me at Uni, you know I have drowned on the iSearch page,


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