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groovin the moo 2016

Yesterday was Groovin the Moo, the legen-dairy (cow puns rule) country based music festival that is well worth the $99 ticket.

I didn’t really have any expectations of the festival, because last year proved to me that no matter who you are with, what you are wearing, what the weather is like and how afraid of crowds you are, that music is awesome and powerful and seeing tonnes of bands you love all in one day is an incredible thing.

I was super excited to see The Rubens, Boy & Bear and Alex Dyson tear up the DJ stage in a mean legionnaire hat, but even more excited because I could pull out my favourite raincoat and wear it to the event that I essentially purchased it for #win.


The rain didn’t dampen the energy of the artists. Ms Mr, a band who I was somewhat familiar with, created an absolute storm of energy on the stage. The keyboardist’s dance moves reminded me of that¬†viral American Aerobics video, and the realisation of this during his performance made me laugh… a little too much. As the day progressed, my crew and I moved from stage to stage, artist to artist, discovering new music and rediscovering the old.

But I was at my happiest when Boy & Bear took the stage. After wanting to see them live for a number of years, I felt that at that moment- all my troubles floated away and I was left swaying and dancing in my own happiness.

I can’t wait to hear the line up for next year- I am even going to look into staying in Bendigo so I don’t have to force myself not to nap whilst sitting in the passenger seat on the way home.



blurry action shots ūüéČ‚ú® #groovinthemoo #magical

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Thank you, Groovin, for a grand day ‚̧

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music mondays: jaala

Getting back into my music writing- yaaaas!

So bouncing off the back of last weeks little rant about my night out at the Methyl Ethel concert, I thought I would make today’s blog all about one of the support acts- Jaala, a terribly awesome ensemble from Melbourne.¬†The beauty of concerts is that not only do you get to see the headline act, but you have the opportunity to allow delightful support acts, such as Jaala, to embed their incredible work into your brain, so much so that even my lovely boyfriend was raving about how great¬†they were, long after the concert (and thats saying something).

From the minute the band walked on the stage, my interest was instantly sparked… and not just because I was in love with the pants the lead singer, Cosima, was wearing #wardrobeenvy… but because of extraordinary sounds they were¬†pulsing throughout the room.

Their smooth/indie/punk hybridity is awfully¬†serenading; vocals full of wonder, each word grasping onto your feels and gently squeezing them. The softer elements of the songs are somewhat reminiscent¬†of some of Kimbra’s early work,¬†but the edges of the songs were a new surprise. The progression and composition of each song takes you on somewhat of a journey, ups and down with a velvety undertone.

Here is my list of my Jaala top 5, definitely worth a listen and download (in no particular order)

  1. Salt Shaker
  2. Double Dutch
  3. Low Lands
  4. Order
  5. War Song

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a night at the northcote social club

I had done a lot of music blogging on my old blog but for some reason I had struggled to get back into it, until last night, when my love for music was more than revived.

Last night I attended one of the most _____ (can’t even find the word it was so good)¬†concerts I have ever attended. Methyl Ethel, a little indie rock band from Perth, tore up the Northcote Social Club and transformed the pieces into sparkly perfect unicorn confetti. ¬†You may know the band for their songs Twilight Driving, which came in at no# 97 ¬†in the 2015 Hottest 100 countdown.

Being the early bird I am, we arrived at 7.30 on the dot. Why? Because the show was sold out and I didn’t want to wait in a queue for ever and ever. Oh and the perks of turning up early to a small gig? You get to chill in an empty room and what the band and groupies at the bar #notstalkerish

The crowd came in dribs and drabs, sitting down to listen to the likes of Ben Witt, a guitar master from Perth, and Jaala, a little ensemble from Melbourne who I currently have blasting through my Spotify (because their tunes are darn good). ¬†The crowd had soon doubled as Methyl Ethel took the stage. For 60 minutes, the audience were placed in a dream state by the polished performance and infectious sound. Crowd chatter was minimum, feels from the beat were maximum. From one song to the next, the smooth bass, vocals full of emotion and feels hitting drums harmoniously an gracefully bounced off the walls of the room. Their sound on their album,¬†Oh Inhuman Spectacle,¬†is delightful, but their live performance left it in the dust and departed to another planet. Insanely incredible…¬†I am struggling to put into words just¬†how¬†insanely good they were.

They are the perfect example of how unique and sensational the Australian music scene really is. $15 MORE than well spent: I discovered an awesome new band and most importantly got to witness Methyl Ethel wow Melbournians. I am calling it- watch this space- Methyl Ethel are a force to be reckoned with. Their crowd-pleasing rock vibes are authentic and contagious.

Make your day by indulging in these incredible tunes…

Twilight Driving


Idée Fixe 


Sweet Waste

Oh hell, just go and buy every single one of their songs, you will not regret it.


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Its about time I shone the spotlight on these Australian legends of music. I have been marvelling over their music for years and years and I cannot explain how excited I am for their album, Currents, which is due to be released July 17th.

Here are 6 psychedelic rock songs that are guaranteed to make your day…

1. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?– InnerSpeaker (2010)
If you listen to this song with two earphones in, the sound waves from one ear to the other and makes for an awesome audiological experience- improving your train trip by 1000% (tried and tested).
Its a simple arrangement that just gives off these really calming vibes, as well as being super reflective and thought provoking (via the lyrics).
Delicious music

2. Expectation– InnerSpeaker (2010)
This song is a little more surf and beach rock. Heavier on the drums, ‘raw’ guitar and a whole lot of Tame awesomeness
Its a very nice!

3. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards– Lonerism (2012)
A classic ‘if you don’t know this song then you have definitely been living under a rock’ song. A classic summer sun baking and Triple J favourite that ticks all the boxes for a timeless song- catchy, smooth, strangely sexy.
Oh and Alex Turner’s version ain’t bad either…

4. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control– Lonerism (2012)
This song is the perfect combination of reflective, creative and psychedelic.
I love the external dialogue recording that is worked into the song in the first half. It has so many dimensions and is strangely calming ‚̧

5. Eventually– Currents (2015)
One of Tame’s more sombre and reflective tunes. It has such a beautiful melody, and in conjunction with its moving lyrics does bring on the feels.
It sad, yet addictive and is my favourite single that has been released off the upcoming album.

6. Let it Happen– Currents (2015)
This song is just Tame Impala rubbing their awesomeness in your face. Whilst it continues on with the reflective lyrics, sueperior synth sounds and the clapping that all pop up frequently throughout their discography, it has a fresh and possibly more electronic feel to it.
I love how the sound of an alarm gets louder and louder when ‘alarm’ is mentioned in the lyrics- it is so subtle but soooo clever.
It is 7.49 of pure genius ‚̧

Hopefully Tame Impala announce an Australian tour soon, because I am DYING to hear these tracks live!

Currents artwork (Tame Impala album).jpg
Currents artwork (Tame Impala album)” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under <a href="//" title="Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Currents (Tame Impala album)“>Fair use via Wikipedia.


Who doesn’t love a bit of awesome new music?
(If you don’t, please see a GP asap)
It has been a while since Flume dropped some new music, but 14ish hours ago (according to youtube), he dropped a brand new track which features Andrew Wyatt (of Miike Snow).
This track has that classic Flume sound and structure with a new and upbeat vibe- its not as dancey as some of his more famous songs, but it is still hella catchy and definitely grows on you with every listen. It is a little eery but every bit awesome.

Between this track with Flume and his countless collaborations with Mark Ronson (on both his 2010 album Record Collection and his most recent release, Uptown Special), Andrew Wyatt is definitely getting in with the best of the industry as a featured artist.

So here is your Song of the Week, hot off da press- Flume with Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt)

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Following on from last weeks spotlight, annnddd of course my obsession with Alex Turner, I thought I would shine the spotlight on a lovely little supergroup called ‘The Last Shadow Puppets’ consisting of Miles Kane (The Rascals), James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, Simian) and the one and only Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys).

This superb group may have been quiet for the past couple of years, but the beauty of their music created by their atmospheric, cinematic, innocent and oh so very adorable sound is one that no doubtably puts a smile on my face.

Here are 5 delightful pieces of lyrical and instrumental genius that you deserve to hear

1. The Meeting Place– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
You are already well aware that Alex Turner is a lyric genius, and this song again just continues to prove it. This tune tells the tale of an ending relationship and a boy who is stuck in the heartbreak of it all. It is such a cute little tune, despite the sad lyrics. The addition of the orchestral elements in the background just rounds off the atmospheric nature of the song and is just purely awesome. This song would be perfect as the soundtrack for a very lovely European silent film and I love it very much.

2. Calm Like You– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
I love how each of TLSP songs are their own little songs- their album becomes a collection of short stories. This song is of more an intense nature and I love bursts of the guitar layered with the drums- pure genius

3. My Mistakes Were Made for You– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
I love how this song combines those sexy and powerful bond-like instrumental elements and chords with those cute little Alex Turner vibes. All I can say is, I hope Alex Turner’s mistakes were made for me- I love him mistakes and all.

4. The Age of the Understatement– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
This song is like a theme song for the supergroup. It sounds like the song that would accompany the opening scene for a Western film about a desirable and heroic Outlaw and perfectly combines all the film-soundtrack sounding elements that are scattered throughout the songs on the album. Sheer brilliance!

5. Standing Next to Me– The Age of the Understatement (2008)
This is my favourite song written by this lovely little group. Its the perfect combination of unromantic romance, innocence and unintentional cuteness. The harmonies are powerful and the strings add such a light and pretty element to the song. It is awesome on the album and even better live- especially when it is performed when nobody is expecting it.

Each song is so unique, yet laced in the cinematic and atmospheric feel carried throughout the discography of The Last Shadow Puppets. I love how they have revived elements of the 70s and old Bond films and placed them in a new and terribly adorable light.
Rumours have spread that Miles and Alex have written a film- hopefully they will reunite to record the soundtrack because, if I haven’t made it extremely evident already, they ROCK at making music.

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It occurred to me the other day that it has been a while since I loaded some new music onto my iPod. Whilst searching through the Triple J playlist archive for some inspiration and through my endless screenshots of Shazam results, I came across this lovely little tune by homegrown legend, Courtney Barnett.

Depreston is a lovely little tune about house hunting, particularly in Preston. First of all, the title is bloody awesome= Depreston – Genius. Second of all, I have family who live in Preston, and have been to Preston multiple times and I definitely understand where Courtney is coming from. I also relate to her when she says she saves ‘I‚Äôm saving twenty-three dollars a week’ by not buying coffee= I think I would save at least $30 per week if I stopped buying coffee/coffees.

But this song, despite what it is about, is just as awesome as the title. It is simple, but beautiful with its emphasis on the vocals, guitar and subtle drums. Its perfect for easy listening on those rainy days and its definitely suitable for those Preston house hunting endeavours.

The amount of talent coming out of this country is phenominal. Artists are absolutely smashing it here and overseas and it makes mevery proud to be Australian.

Here is the Song of the Week, ‘Depreston’ by Courtney Barnett

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Back in year 9, I had this teacher who loved to analyse music videos- He introduced my year level to ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ before it had even been played on the radio. And whilst he was terrible at eye contact, facial recognition and reading aloud, he introduced me to Arcade Fire- a band who I now hold very close to my heart… and for that, I am grateful.

For those uncultured individuals who are unaware of who Arcade Fire is, they are an indie rock back from the land of Canada who are comprised of two brothers, a wife, and 3 friends (and a few extras who like to tag along from time to time). They are well known for not only their album releases as a band, but for scoring Spike Jonze’s Her, my favourite movie ever.
Why not delve into the world of Arcade Fire for this week’s ‘Saturday Spotlight’…

1. No Cars Go– Neon Bible (2007)
This song is so so clever- the combination of strings an drums creates this kind of busy energy that could be likened to a busy road- its atmospheric in a hectic way..
This song, ironically, makes for a pretty awesome night city- roadtrip song. Love it very much

2. My Body is a Cage– Neon Bible (2007)
Also from Neon Bible, this song is also atmospheric. The haunting organ in the background, as well as the slightly distorted vocals creates an eery feel. As it starts to build, everything is intensified- It is one of those songs that you listen to in the early hours of the morning, when the moon is out and everyone is asleep and it just hits you right in the feels and senses…

3. You Already Know– Reflektor (2013)
This song is on the poppier side- its catchy and boppy and wonderful. I also love the music video for this song- it is quite harry potter-esque and enertaining

4. We Exist– Reflektor (2013)
I love this song, but I am mainly linking it for the music video. You may at first say a lovely little Oh hello.. to the perfectly perfect Andrew Garfield! But this music video is touching on a really important topic- gender identity. I LOVE it when celebrities and musicians put their talent to good use- to highlight issues in society

5. Some Other Place– Her OST (2013)
I can’t even describe my love for this song. It is perfectly peaceful, yet shares its melody and tune with another Arcade Fire song, ‘Porno’, from their 2013 album Reflektor. The simplicity of the piano and the echoing of the strings creates such an atmosphere and really exhibits the beauty of the film. Its the perfect lullaby…

6. Reflektor– Reflektor (2013)
7 minute + long creative and quirky songs are what I live for, and Reflektor is one of them. Despite the fact I don’t speak french and can’t understand half the lyrics, I still love to sing along to this song (and of course, dance too). I love every element of this song- the vocals, drums, guitar, piano- I LOVE IT ALL! Funkier and funkier with every second that passes
God bless title tracks…

7. The Suburbs– The Suburbs (2010)
ANOTHER AWESOME TITLE TRACK!!! The song where my love for Arcade Fire began. I had only just found ‘my sound’; the music I liked not because everyone else liked it, but because I liked it. It is simply beautiful and I can’t even say anything else… This song will always hold a special place in my heart and I will be playing it forever.

As I chose these songs linked above, it became evident that Arcade Fire are so versatile- they can produce songs from various styles that sit in the indie genre and execute them in such an awesome fashion. They have songs for the sad says and songs for the happy, for the dancey and for those rainy days when all you want to do is eat and sleep.
Arcade Fire- you absolutely freakin rock.

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be attending an 80s dress up party as Boy George. WELL… Last night, in the depths of the racks at Greensborough Savers, I found it- the mother of all costumes- a handmade jacket that Boy George would have swooned over.
I am two days away from changing my eyebrows, pulling out the bright eye shadow, weaving ribbons into my hair and partying like it’s 1985! In light of this, I decided to do another Boy George related ‘Song of the Week’.

“Somebody To Love Me” is the third track off Mark Ronsons’s 2010 album Record Collection And features Andrew Wyaty and Boy George (yay!). I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. Something about it’s funky drum beat juxtaposed with lyrics of desperation and love & the sweet piano sequence repeated throughout.

It kind of is as if Andrew Wyatt is representative of a young Boy George, one who loved to party and Boy George is representative of himself now in the future, reflecting on his youth and life. The combination of the younger and older rounds out the idea that the character that may in fact be George, is looking for somebody who will love him for his past, present and future self.
Maybe I am getting too deep, who knows?! But this song will forever be in my top 10 favourite songs of all time and I hope that Mark Ronson pulls out this track when I see him live on July 29!

Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt and Boy George with ‘Somebody to Love Me’

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I’m feeling generous today, so here are 10 songs to get you moving and shaking on this fine Thursday to celebrate the fact that it is week 10, the last week that you are able to count the weeks you have been at uni on 2 hands…
No descriptions, no reviews, just 10 easy links to get you in the groove

1. Feel Right (feat. Mystikal)- Mark Ronson

2. Best Friend– Foster the People

3. Is This How You Feel?– The Preatures

4. Freaking Out the Neighbourhood– Mac DeMarco

5. My Number– Foals

6. Run– San Cisco

7. Dance Wiv Me– Dizzee Rascal

8. Hey Ya!– Outcast

9. Let it Happen– Tame Impala

10. Speak of the Devil– Hermitude

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