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list of things…in my wardrobe that you should all invest in

It has taken me a while to find a sort of style that has made me feel like ME

So I thought, why not share these amazing items…

1. Mom/Mum/MAAAM Jeans

The worlds most strange but incredible jeans. I am obsessed with my light wash pair of CUSTOM MADE Mom Jeans from Dejour Jeans in Brunswick. For ages I had been looking for a pair of high waisted jeans that didn’t make me look like I was half as tall, double the size I actually am and that I actually liked.


Because.. They are SO 90s, I can actually wear them for days on end without being so uncomfortable I want to cry, they look crash hot with my turtlenecks (read about them below) and they are just so unflatteringly flattering.


2. All-White Stan Smith Adidas Sneakers

I should never be allowed to own white things, because from past experiences I can never keep something clean for longer than a day. I am constantly doing washing and I am probably the number 1 consumer of Sard Wonder Soap in Australia. But these leather foot pillow foot huggers foot lovers are definitely hard to pass


Because they somehow go with absolutely everything! I can dress them up with my Country Road Culottes, can dress them down with jeans and 90s them up with those hot momma jeans. How do I take care of them? With tonnes of leather protector, leather cleaner and trying not to step on my own feet


3. Culottes

Specifically my Country Road ones (similar to these here) They are comfy and stylish at the same time, and go along with that monochrome trend that I am in love with. I also have a denim pair which are absolutely awesome


They go with everything, make me actually look like I have put time into my outfit, are awesome for work and play and somehow match with my crop tops and my turtlenecks. OH and I only paid $20 for them when they had an original RRP of $200 #winwinwin


4. Turtle Necks

These comfortable, multipurpose, colourful, warm and delicious tops are my multiple year long obsession.


Because they literally go with every single thing I own. And I love the way they look- stylish, sophisticated and hilarious (when I pull the neck over my head). I can pair them with literally anything and look completely put together, no troubles.


5. Oversized Earrings

I was never really an earring person until I discovered the most quirky, comfortable and stylish pair #cheersASOS


Because they are the finishing touch your outfit has been screaming out for. They just add that little bit of pizzazz… you know?



Anyway, a brief list but I can’t share ALL of my favourite wardrobe bits because I would be here forever. I am just excited that I finally feel like me #woohoo


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