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the internship diaries: part 2

So Indi the intern is back at it. This weeks day at the old internship ranch really excited me- I got to be involved in the process of picking a competition winner… Why did this excite me? Because I always enter competitions and it was cool to see the whole behind the scenes aspect of it! I was also able to view the analytical side of the competition, which sounds boring on paper but in theory is kinda cool and allowed me to get a better idea of how the program Campaign Manager works and the competition- entering behaviours of the markets of which we targeted. The Social Media Manager is also now starting to discuss possible directions for the pages I have been writing for, which has inspired me to start creating lots of different types of content which is fun and challenging #doublewin

I finally feel like I am establishing some really polished content writing skills, which is inspiring me to look at opportunities where I can apply them once this internship is over.

With only a few days left at my internship, I am starting to reflect on how it has sent me in a career direction of which I kind of like. My ideal job involved the creative part of where media and marketing meet- being on set when campaigns are being created, writing the content for the campaigns and being heavily involved in all of the elements. I don’t know if this is the path that life is ‘meant’ to send me on, but I would be more than happy if it was. As long as I am using my creative little mind, and talking to others, I am quite happy.


Stay tuned for the final instalment of this 3 part internship saga.