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a blog about blogs: week eight

I won’t lie, I have always wanted to be insta famous…why? I have no idea, but seeing as I don’t have enough talent to make me the next Taylor Swift, and I have too much talent to be the next Kylie Jenner… being insta famous is probably the best option for a basic gal like me.

This weeks reading, “Mastering Story, Community and Influence: How to Use Social Media to Become a Socaileader”, written by Jay Oatway, was terribly appealing, as it sort of guided me in the right direction in regards to me achieving optimum instafame, or even just online fame in general.

I found that this article kind of broke down the steps to being noticed in your community (another term for being instafamous)…

  1. “In order to get noticed by our community, we need to go seek out the places where they are already hanging out”. This essentially involves hunting down where your ideal fans hang out and who the main influencers are. In terms of Felix and my Dog Blogging, it’s pretty easy to source these influencers- as most of them are infact on instagram- Doug the Pug and Marc Jacobs’ dog Neville are amongst many of the instafamous dog influencers
  2. “Before embarking on your community building safari, ensure that you are already posting a stream of content or curated social currency”. Whilst Felix hasn’t set up his own instagram yet, he is constantly blogging on my blog. Maybe my insta fame doesn’t come under my name, maybe it is Felix who will lead us to insta fame- so I shall set up an instagram for him.
  3. This next step involves building relationships with the influencers in order to possibly even get them to give you a shout out as such. This has been noted a one of our goals for Felix. (I feel like now I am becoming like one of those pushy dance mums but for my dogs social fame?!)

The article highlights the importance of “establishing a presence” online- getting your name out there, connecting with the big fame names and ensuring that you regularly engage in the community in order to remain active.

Oatway also helped in identifying where you can find these communities- Bloggers is a good place to start, as they are the “newsmakers and the new gatekeepers” to the new media establishment, that opposes the journalism style of media (and luckily we have already ticked that box). He also suggests that professional groups inside social media platforms, such as Cool Dog Group that we are a part of, topic chats/online forums, aggregators (which as I learnt are curating mediums that pull all the RSS feeds from the top blogs on a particular subject) and midfluencers, such as those dog instagrams we follow, are also great places to begin hunting down your community.

Luckily we have found Pack, the social media site for dogs and owners. It combines all these ideas into one place. I shall be posting a blog dedicated to my new found love for this platform later.

In the mean time, I think I will set up a dog instagram for Felix in the next few weeks, after all, he does have the sass of a celebrity, so why not give it a context and make him famous?


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dog blog: happiness

Hello, Felix here.

I have been getting more in touch with my emotions recently, and seeing as my sister likes to ramble on about hers using this communication platform, I should too. So today I shall blog about what it is to be happy.


Happiness, whilst it may seem easy on the surface, is quite a difficult thing to be. In this day and age, with the distaster, devistation and sadness that surrounds our society, happiness is a hard state to maintain. I know I may be a dog, and that I don’t have as many challenges to face in live, I do know one thing- and that is how to remain happy even when everything is sad around you (or when your human family leave you on your own monday through friday).

Here are the steps that I take to achieve happiness…

  1. Forget about your hardships, even if it is only for a moment. Try to distract yourself with what you love, whether it is a good dinner (roast chicken) or a squeak of your toy
  2. Make another being happy. My mother tells me that happiness is contageous, so why not catch it by spreading it yourself? Crack a joke, give a pat to another human or even a kiss. By making another person happy, you can open your heart to happiness too
  3. Appreciate the positivity in your live. Everything that is positive is a little hint of happiness. Focus on those aspects and fill your mind with them
  4. Smile. The more you smile, the better you will feel. Plus, you look great wearing a smile!

I know I am only a dog, and only 1 and a half human years old, but I am happy. Here is photographic proof.

When I am alone, I remember the great dinner that my mother made for me last night, I squeak my toy, I give my sister a kiss and I smile. These little things all add up, and before you know it you are happy, even if it is only momentary, you are and were filled with happiness.



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