Featuring the Feature

Audio and soundscape based studio classes were always the ones I avoided, but I am starting to question why I didn’t give them more attention.

Whilst the concept of the feature has seemed quite foreign to me throughout the process, I have realised along the way that the elements and production of the feature are not dissimilar to filmmaking. You have to go out and source interviews (like actors in a film), you need to record narration or dialogue, you should include music and found material to break up the dialogue (like cutaways in a film) and the editing process is equally as tedious!

After a few short weeks of sourcing, recording, editing and refining material, our feature is not only complete, but it aired today and had a great reception. We were even contacted by an RMIT group who were organising an exhibition related to our feature asking if they could use it as part of the display. Pretty cool hey?

The creation of this feature has not only taught me the technical components of features and their creation, such as ensuring that interviews are relevant, materials create an atmosphere, there is exploration of both sides of the story and that there is some sort of texture or multi-layered aspects to the feature, this experience has been positive in all respects, including the collaborative process. By delegating tasks and responsibilities, and by giving feedback on each other’s contributions, we were able to produce a coherent feature that we are all proud of.

Well here it is… Fashion Faux Pas….


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One thought on “Featuring the Feature

  1. […] and indirectly relate back to the content of the piece. It was an exciting process to hear the feature come together through the fabulous contributions of each team member, putting their strengths and […]


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