A Happy Grizzly Bear

Well, well, well (or allora , if you have been as immersed in Master of None as I have), it has been quite some time since I have been deep in my music blogging. But do note, it has been a long time between drinks for Grizzly Bear too.  Grizzly Bear, possibly one of my favourite bands of all time, have been notably quiet in terms of music releases since the release of Shields in 2012… well that was until very recently. The Brooklyn band have not only dropped 2 terribly atmospheric numbers, but announced that Painted Ruins, their first aalbum in 5 years will be released on August 18th.
This news was a terrific excuse to delve back into the wonderous world of indie-experimental-folk delights, the tunes which soundtracked my momentous leap from a naive high school graduate to a full time, full blown media student. So with that, I have decided to bring you 5 of my favourite grizzles…

1. Mourning Sound- Painted Ruins (2017)

This more upbeat tune gives a taste into a new sound that may possibly be woven throughout the anticipated record. A bolder emphasis is placed on the vocals and supported by stronger sounding guitar riffs bleeding in and out.

2. Sun In Your Eyes- Shields (2012)

Despite this song being a musical description of an ayahuasca trip, it feels to also be a song that presents time to reflect on your current state. The combination of orchestral bursts, changing paces and the pause at around the four and a half minute mark allows the song to have a strong emotional pull blossoms. If you shed a tear, you are not alone.

3.  Slow Life (feat. Victoria Legrand)- Twilight Saga: New Moon [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (2009)

Who knew that the Twilight Saga soundtrack could bring together such a beautiful combination of artists. This song brings the best of two sounds- Grizzly Bear eerie dream-like vocals and Beach House’s twinkle. This tune’s mellow melody is enough to ease you to sleep.

4. Three Rings- Painted Ruins (2017)

The signature emphasis on instrumental excellence is everpresent in this career silence-breaking wonder. The song’s almost ‘rough’ beginnings progresss into the beautiful combination of whimsical vocals and heart string- plucking guitar sequences and then to a wonderful mix of it all- reminding us all of the magic of music.

5. Ready, Able- Veckatimest (2009)

Last, but definitely not least, is what I can only hope stays on the top of my ‘favourite songs of all time list’… why? Because it deserves it.  Waltzy waves of hauntingly pleasant vocals roll in and out of this beautiful track, leading into an atmospheric combination of guitar riffs and a rounded blend of synthesised sounds. I feel this song is best received in the depths of a forest, staring at the sky and running through the deep patterns of pine trees.

Stay tuned for an album debrief… I am already counting down the days.



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