Thank you Spotify


I sometimes get mad at myself for discovering ‘bangers’ years after their release, but when they are as good as this one I have for you today, there is room for self-forgiveness.

Nicholas Allbrook.

The name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This legend is the frontman for POND, a past touring member of Tame Impala and as I have recently discovered, a fantastic solo musician

Now, subscribing to Spotify Premium has been wonderful for many reasons, but I think the main reason is the Discover Weekly feature, which is the foundations of which this blog is built on.

A song called 100k’s ’round Carmel (Ganough, Wallis & Fatuna, 2014) popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist, and I am so bloody glad it did. Why? Because it is just a brilliant piece of music. The combination of psychedelic undertones, hint of rawness and roaring guitars just ticks all the boxes. Oh, and the music videos is totally 2000’s Kahootz animation vibes and I totally love it.

Do yourself a favour and check it out. You won’t beat yourself up about only hearing it for the first time because this song and its video are wonderful distractions.


Update: Devastating revelation. I woke up this morning to discover that this piece of wonder has vanished from Spotify, along with his other musical masterpieces. I am praying for their return.


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