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Live to air

Last Monday, it was game day- serious business. My wonderful group were all prepared and ready- Natalie had printed off a billion run sheets so that we could all have one and follow along. Her extreme organisation almost transformed her into the Leslie Knope of the group, as she exclaimed herself.

Whilst we were relatively calm, a few little hiccups seemed to try and tip us up. The first of these was coming to the realisation that we were not in Studio 3, our usual studio for recording demos, rehearsing and the studio in which we were trained in. We thought there would be time for us to set up and relax into the Studio 3 vibe- preload our audio material, test it would play and also practice the sponsorship announcement scheduling. Which leads us to the next hiccup. Being in Studio 2 not only meant that we were rushed for time with preloading everything into the computer, but we also discovered that the sponsorship announcement program had, what Archie called ‘the gremlins’ living inside of it (side note: I do understand that there were no literal gremlins inside the computer). This meant that every time Sally went to play a sponsorship, it would play up, then be delayed and hence, a wonderful amount of dead air was spun into the radio waves. Luckily, the wonderful RRR team came to our rescue and helped us to rectify the computer and exterminate the gremlins. The third hiccup was only minor, but we had a mini panic that our live interviewee was lost and not going to make it on time. Fortunately, his lateness was not too late.

Apart from these hiccups, and some instances of dead air, I was really proud of my group’s efforts. I wasn’t easy trying to organise a show in between 2 public holiday weekends- but we managed to do it, even if it meant we had 2 pre-recorded interviews.

One of the most rewarding things that came out of the show going to air was the fact that after the Melbourne Period Project interview aired (the interview conducted by me int he week before our show went to air), I had a caller contact the station in order to gain more information on how she could get involved with the charity. It was a lovely reminder of the power of radio, and the wonderful opportunity that we have been given by being involved with RWAV.

I thoroughly enjoyed my role as Social Media Manager for the show. Whilst it was limiting that there were only two platforms to manage (the website and Twitter), I was really able to go all out and post quite regularly. With Twitter, I tweeted reminder posts that alerted audiences to our show time and date. I also posted photos before we went on air, and after each interview went to air. This acted as not only a way for the Twitter audience to interact with the show if they were unable to tune in, but more importantly it acted as a visual accompaniment to the radio broadcast whilst also acting as a means of cross-marketing promotion with the interviewees, by @tagging them in the Tweet and allowing them to retweet it to their personal audiences.

The website is now decked out with a synopsis of each interview, details of the crew and the list of songs in which we played.

Overall, I think whilst there were some issues with our broadcast, our behind the scenes mechanisms including both the social media channels as well as the pre-show preparation allowed us to overcome these issues in a professional manner, and present the RRR audience with a somewhat professional broadcast.

If you wish to listen to the show, you can her a copy of the broadcast on my personal SoundCloud

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Melbourne Period Project

Recently, I was honoured enough to have an opportunity to interview Donna from Melbourne Period Project, an organisation dedicated to providing care, support and sanitary products to homeless women & trans men. I was super excited to learn more about the works of the organisation through the interview, but I was unaware of the incredible impact my interview could have.

The interview started off with a general discussion on the organisation, moving through the recent rural expansion of the project and how social media has assisted the Melbourne Period Project in gaining a following and a solid team of volunteers. However, it was the story that Donna included that really touched me, and many of my fellow RWAV team.

Donna outlined a story of a woman of whom received a period pack on Swanston St. She had been recently released from prison and was due to have access with her children the next day. However, her period was due and she knew that due to the lack of products and money she had, she would be forced to steal sanitary supplies. This would have lead to her being arrested if caught, meaning she wouldn’t be able to see her children and would most likely end up back in jail. This story really captured the wider impact of the project. By that woman receiving a pack, she didn’t have to steal and got to see her kids. The thing is, the ‘what could have been’ side of this story is a reality for some homeless women- turning to theft in order to manage their period. A circumstance that isn’t thought of or discussed widely was highlighted and I was proud to have fostered the communication of the severity of the issues in which the Melbourne Period Project have dedicated themselves to.

The discussion of the expansion into rural areas also sparked interest after the interview went live to air today. Almost immediately after my interview had gone to air, the RRR Receptionist came looking for me, as a woman from Anglesea was dying to get in touch with Donna and learn more about she can help in the Great Ocean Road region.

This taught me 2 things- 1. that RRR listeners are different to your average commercial radio listener- they want to get involved; they are active

1. that RRR listeners are different to your average commercial radio listener- they want to get involved; they are active


2. my interview was able to spread the word about this amazing organisation and the incredible effects that their work has had.

In terms of the technical side of the interview, recording was smooth sailing. Rosie, Sally and I decided to help each other out with the interview process, to ease the first time interview nerves and to make the process a whole lot easier to manage. My editing process was time consuming but not terrible. Despite having to edit out a billion sections of me saying ‘ya know’, I hardly had an opportunity to touch many other parts of the interview, as Donna just had the right words in the right order, prompting me to ask the next question and giving me wonderful information to bounce back off.

For my first radio interview, I am pretty happy with the result. Not only was I able to learn things not only about the process of interviewing and the organisation itself, but I was able to pass on the word about the Melbourne Period Project and see the result of my broadcast.

A pretty pleased India signing off


Listen to my interview and read my annotations here:



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Radio runs in the family

What an exciting day it is today. My wonderful Grandfather has made it to the front page of the Shepparton News. As a media student, I just love it when good people get acknowledged on large scale platforms, especially because of all the bad news circulating through both television and print media these days.

Norman Weaver, or as he as known to me and my cousins, “Gramps”, is an 86 year old ex-farmer, ex-auctioneer and now author who has lived in Country Victoria his whole life. He has overcome many tough times in his life, including growing up during WW2 and recovering after a terrible tractor accident. He is launching his book, As the Twig is Bent  this Saturday at the Shepparton Library, a book that has taken over 10 years for him to write. The book outlines events and stories that have come about over his incredible life.  I am yet to read this book- and before you get confused, I shall explain to you that I struggled to read the interview in the paper today through the tears. I also struggle to read the poem he wrote about me when I was 5, also due to the tears. I cry because I am proud, and I guess I just can’t control my pride!

Today we also received a call from Gran (Elaine Weaver), to let us know that he is being interviewed by the ABC about his book. Isn’t it funny how things align in life: 2 Weavers 2 radio interviews 1 week… how about that!

Gramps has always been involved in radio, regularly reading to the blind and participating in many interviews over the years to help out his friends and community in classic gramps style. Maybe this is where my passion stems from- my genes.

Anyway, little old proud me just wanted to brag in blog form to let you all know that

a) My Grandfather is a legend

b) I am too proud to even stop the tears


c) Radio runs in the genes kids

The Final Countdown

*RWAV INTRO PLAYS to give India 52 seconds to prepare her notes and herself for this blog*

Wow, how time has flown. It is one week until we go live to air. I am both excited and nervous for the show, but also terribly thrilled to have such an enthusiastic and positive group to work with (let me tell you: it has made the process as easy as drinking water despite its foreign nature to most of us!).

We have recorded and organised the interviews we plan to put to air and we are all raring and ready to go. With Easter so close to our show, it did prove difficult to organise 2 live interviews, but the Easter bunny was on our side last week, as Thrusher and Melbourne Period Project, our scheduled pre-records, referenced each other in their respective interviews #WIN… nothing like a lovely link to make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Another great thing that came from recording our interviews was that Sally, our legendary DJ and panel operator was able to get one last shot at using the equipment before we go to air.

We had a really great idea to send a longer list of songs to Elizabeth for checking and confirmation- which means that if we need a back-up song, or encounter a technical difficulty (again), we have a variety of 3RRR approved songs to fall back on.

For this show, I am in charge of the social media platforms and web page and am super excited to put what I have learnt through my involvement with other social media and marketing projects to use with RWAV.

It is all very exciting indeed- Tune into 3RRR on Monday at 12pm to hear the wonderful duo, Corey and Jess, talk talk talk!

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Today I did my first radio interview. As a kid, I imagined saying that sentence after becoming the next Nikki Webster and touring the country with my hit song, written at the ripe age of 3 titled “Ooh Baby Baby”. But this interview had far more meaning than I could have thought (or any interview I could have ever participated in as a wannabe-celebrity)

I chose to interview Donna from the Melbourne Period Project not only because I was interested in the works of the organisation, but also due to the fact that I wanted to use the potential airtime to spread the word and hopefully promote the works of the project. Whilst I was nervous to perform the interview, Donna’s energy, enthusiasm and professionalism made the whole process a breeze. As the interview progressed, I began to learn more about her than what could have been discovered through internet research, my admiration of Donna’s work increased every second. Not only is she running the Melbourne Period Project, but has 2 or 3 other projects on the go (and she is heavily involved in all of them).

As you can tell, I am being a little vague with my information here- but it is because I want you to listen and discover what I discovered through the power of the radio interview. I can promise you that you will be in absolute awe of Donna, her contributions and achievements.

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