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Demo-lition derby

This week, my wonderful group and I recorded our first ever radio demo. Whilst it seemed daunting at first, we soon got into the groove of it all and I think we produced a really great result.

There were a few hiccups along the way that were by no means desirable. Although, we had to remember that at the end of the day, we are still learning the ropes and getting used to the routine of putting a show on-air.

Scannell (2014) identifies, “there is a danger in everything we say and do: a possibility, every time, of performative failure and unanticipated and unwelcome consequences.”. I think that our demo exposed us to some performative failures that we could face. This can be exemplified at approx 46 minutes into our demo, where the pre-recorded interview refused to play through the computer. Even though there was the option to freeze and panic, Corey and Jess were quick thinking- resorting to back talk to ‘hype’ the Cirque de Soleil concept and interview whilst Sally and Nat sorted out the technical side of things. Although this could be considered a flaw in our recording, I believe it acted as a valuable learning experience for our group. We learnt to welcome technical difficulties and take them in our stride; make the best of a bad situation. The exposure to such difficulties so early on allows us to learn from the mistakes, practice more difficult panel transitions from live to pre-recorded sound and most importantly, how to react when such things occur.

Despite our minor technical difficulties, I believe that the conversations and ‘talk’ components of our show were really great. Corey and Jess had great ‘on-air chemistry’ and the conversations seemed to flow really well. The interview with Nat also seemed very smooth. This component highlighted to me what sort of answers I seek to receive in my individual interview task- answers that are relevant, interesting and spark a natural conversation with the interviewer.

In summary, even though this demo was an assessment and compulsory to complete, I am glad we completed it as we were able to experience what it was like to complete the full 1-hour show, but also how to deal with technical difficulties smoothly and hold natural conversations on-air. I am really looking forward to going live in a few weeks time with new content and our newfound confidence in our capabilities.

Please see my personal SoundCloud for more annotations on our demo.



I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration


REFERENCE- Scannell, P., 2014. Television and the Meaning of’Live’: An Enquiry into the Human Situation. John Wiley & Sons.

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On the radio?

I am back after a blogging hiatus. It always seems that semester 1 nags for blogs and semester 2 is chilled with mental commentary and no digital loggings.

But how exciting- my entry into the radio sphere has begun.

Today we began our journey with 3RRR as rotating hosts, producers and panel operators for the Room with a View Program (12-1pm Mondays if you feel like tuning in). We had a quick run down of the history of the station, then had a little tour too. Highlight? Chet Faker’s name written on the roof. Don’t ask why… it’s just cool.

I have had my experience with live broadcast through my previous studio, It’s Alive- a Live Television class. Whilst it seems daunting in the lead-up, there is nothing more exciting than going live to air… the adrenaline, the shared sense of success and excitement with your peers and the thought of the unexpected.

Super excited for what this semester has to offer! Stay tuned!

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