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something amazing happened

So off the back of my recent contributions to the dog community (on behalf of Felix), I decided to involve myself more in the Coeliac Disease in Australia facebook page. I had noticed that a lot of the posts on the page are quite negative, which is a given as it can suck being a Coeliac. So in opposition to the negative vibes, I asked a question to the group…

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.13.10 pm

I didn’t expect many people to respond, maybe 10 or so, seeing as I am new to the group and I am sure that the 8000 off other members couldn’t be bothered contributing… but boy was I wrong!

My notifications have been going crazy today, 53 comments and counting, 13 likes and counting and an endless amount of positivity and pride from my fellow gluten-free people. Apart from one or two negative comments, there is now a thread of the PROS of being Coeliac, which not only lifted my mood today but may be a great tool for those newly diagnosed inidividuals who can currently only see the crappy side of it all. I have been working really hard on looking at the positive side of things, and I feel like this was a really big personal step for me! yay!

Many members mentioned how great the idea was so ask this question, which made me feel pretty chuffed. I guess after having a few personal struggles in contributing to pages, especially in the early days of this course, after easing my self in by contributing on behalf of Felix, I finally feel like I have some sort of online presence or at least some potential to build on. I guess the Coeliac community, for me, is a great place to start- as I will always be a part of the community!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.19.00 pm

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.19.30 pm

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.19.18 pm

Anyway, happy sign offs from the happy gluten free girl ūüôā

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assessment 2: pawfect community

As discussed in one of my¬†first posts, I’ve never been a fan of commenting or contributing to communities or other posts. However, in an attempt to change my attitudes on the subject and become more network literate, I decided to find a community that was based my love of dogs. I had already been avidly blogging with Felix, writing as a dog for fellow dog owners, as well as contributing to the Cool Dog Group¬†Facebook community, and was interested in building Felix’s online presence on a different platform.

Oatway (2012), ¬†discusses the¬†importance of ‚Äúestablishing a presence‚ÄĚ online, by getting your name out there, connecting with the¬†‘famous’ individuals within your online community/space and ensuring that you regularly engage in the community. With these elements in mind, I chose Pack to be my online community platform.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.41.50 am

Pack, as explained in my post, employs various aspects of other social media sites in order to connect users from around the world, which can be considered to be relative to the ‘Global Village’ (Murphie, A & Potts, J 2003) concept. As I learnt, a global village is considered to be ¬†“one world connected by an electronic nervous system, making it part of popular culture”. However, in the case of both the internet and Pack, not all beings on this planet have access to such technologies or sites. ¬†Whilst Pack seemed like a facilitative community that allows for communication and togetherness of dogs and owners from all over the world, creating such a ‘village’- ¬†this was not the case.


Example. 1- Asking questions in the Pack Talk forum… 0 comments in 2 weeks.


When comparing Pack to other social media sites (eg. Facebook), its exposure, members and activity seems to be significantly lower than its human established counterparts. The audience that I had been communicating to on Pack was small and therefore, did not allow for the significant¬†increase in our social presence as an owner/dog team. Despite the fact that I liked the photos posted from other dogs, posted my own photos, asked questions in forums and followed other profiles in order to ¬†immerse myself in Pack community, Pack’s lack of exposure and active users impacted my contributions and involvement.¬†Not even the hypertextual capabilities given by linking my Facebook and Instagram improved my attempts to¬†build this online presence for Felix.

Upon reflecting on my engagement with Pack, I decided that in order to build my online presence with Felix successfully and be a part of a thriving community, I should engage in one of the major dog-based communities in the online space-  Instagram. It has been a few days now since this Instagram page began, and already I have 23 followers and counting, a significantly larger amount of followers than I had on Pack. This may be due to the fact that Instagram has more of an audience who welcome those who post and write on behalf of their dogs for a dog loving audience, as the idea of dogs having their own instagram is a trend.

Whilst it has been challenging to write and engage on behalf of Felix, I hope that my decision to change the platform within the online dog community on which I can build this presence is successful.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.46.46 am


Murphie, A & Potts, J 2003. Culture and Technology. New York: Palgrave Macmillan,  Print. pp. 11-38

Oatway, J 2012. Mastering Story, Community and Influence : How to Use Social Media to Become a Socialeader Wiley, Hoboken. pp. 97-109




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dog blog: instagram

Hello again humans,

Guess what? I asked my sister for an instagram, and I got one!

I don’t really know what it entails, but I love having my photo taken. I am looking forward to making new friends in the community!!!!!!


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.44.24 AM

I am looking forward to being famous on all different platforms now- instagram, blogging and pack!


If you follow me, I will bring you soft toys and his you forever ‚̧

groovin the moo 2016

Yesterday was Groovin the Moo, the legen-dairy (cow puns rule) country based music festival that is well worth the $99 ticket.

I didn’t really have any expectations of the festival, because last year proved to me that no matter who you are with, what you are wearing, what the weather is like and how afraid of crowds you are, that music is awesome and powerful and seeing tonnes of bands you love all in one day is an incredible thing.

I was super excited to see The Rubens, Boy & Bear and Alex Dyson tear up the DJ stage in a mean legionnaire hat, but even more excited because I could pull out my favourite raincoat and wear it to the event that I essentially purchased it for #win.


The rain didn’t dampen the energy of the artists. Ms Mr, a band who I was somewhat familiar with, created an absolute storm of energy on the stage. The keyboardist’s dance moves reminded me of that¬†viral American Aerobics video, and the realisation of this during his performance made me laugh… a little too much. As the day progressed, my crew and I moved from stage to stage, artist to artist, discovering new music and rediscovering the old.

But I was at my happiest when Boy & Bear took the stage. After wanting to see them live for a number of years, I felt that at that moment- all my troubles floated away and I was left swaying and dancing in my own happiness.

I can’t wait to hear the line up for next year- I am even going to look into staying in Bendigo so I don’t have to force myself not to nap whilst sitting in the passenger seat on the way home.



blurry action shots ūüéČ‚ú® #groovinthemoo #magical

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Thank you, Groovin, for a grand day ‚̧

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music mondays: grizzly bear

No, I’m not talking about an actual grizzly bear remixing his grizzles, or creating a mix tape (although, if that is a real thing, I want in)… I am talking about the Canadian indie rock/folk rock ensemble of whom I hold very close to my heart.

Their rustic sound, velvety vocals and folk foundations are what makes them so unique, and terribly addictive. They are so good, Ellen is even into them (even though it is mainly because of her wife Portia, not because of my suggestion…). Their music is perfectly suited to accompany a bonfire, music meditation, wintery days, autumn walks and just general life. They are one of my favourite bands of all time, purely because they music is so rustic and real, yet smooth, and somehow has the ability to calm me down in stressful situations, put a smile on my face and keep my road rage to a minimum.

They inspired my year 12 film- the cinematography and mood, they were soundtrack to my blustery walks home and still are the soundtrack to my life, somehow every sound seems relevant, purposeful and tranquil.

On that note, here are my top 5 Grizzly Bear songs.. that I more than recommend you download and listen to with a cup of tea in one hand, and a crochet blanket over your knees

  1. Ready, Able
  2. Two Weeks
  3. Shift
  4. Sun in Your Eyes (get ready for major feels overload)
  5. Fine for Now

I could go on… I really could… maybe you should just download every single one of their songs… yes actually please do that

list of… gluten-free food places that rock my world

Following on from my previous blog about my life as a Coeliac, I thought I would make this weeks list based on the places that make me feel like being a Coeliac is the best thing in the world, so here it goes!


Paul St Fish & Chip Shop / Research Fish and Chip Shop

Not only do they both whip up a MEAN potato cake, but they are super accommodating- they use different oils and even make an effort to package your fish and chips in the classic butchers paper style so that you feel ‘normal’ for once! They even have dim sims which they do both fried and steamed. I have never felt more non-coeliac ūüôā




Just Yummy Bakery

The place that every Coeliac in VIC happily call heaven. Their bread not only tastes like normal bread, but has the texture of normal bread too! Their pastries and other delights are absolutely to die for and the feeling of walking into their store and realising you can have ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you like is absolutely incredible.


Raw Trader

Conveniently located right near uni, this little place of deliciousness tucked away is the place to be. They have an absolutely winning range of raw/vegan/gluten free/lactose free/refined sugar free/bad things free delights that are absolutely addictive. They even do a version of a golden gay time.

It is even extremely photogenic #literallycanteven


Mr Nice Guys Bakeshop

I first discovered this absolutely awesome place when I was trying to find somewhere that would make a birthday cake that I could enjoy, as I am also now on a lactose free diet. This mainly vegan bakery has the most INCREDIBLE range of birthday cakes that look about 100000x better than any gluten cake I have ever seen. I was actually brought to tears by the range of different flavours and how good they looked. Safe to say it was the greatest birthday ever.


This stunning winery/restaurant are super accommodating for those gluten free individuals like myself. After searching long and hard to find a beautiul place to enjoy my anniversary with my boyfriend, Olivigna more than rose to the occasion. They had a long list of pizzas which could be done gluten free, in addition to a long list of entrees and mains that could be done to suit my dietary needs.

Here is the boy after eating 3/4 of the pizza we ordered… plus everything else


Red Door Yum Cha

This place is on my to-go-to places… I mean… GLUTEN FREE DUMPLINGS?!?!? I have never had a dumpling in my entire life so I am absolutely jumping in my pants to go.


Red Robyn

This awesome cafe was one of the first entirely gluten free places I ever went to. I felt so free being able to order absolutely anything that tickled my fancy, and the food was super delicious.


Fox in the Box

Another place on my to-go-to list. Everything just looks incredible and I’m sure will taste the same, as the chef too has his list of intolerances.



Their menu says it all- absolutely delicious


I can’t wait for uni to finish so that I can just spend all day every day exploring the places that make me feel PROUD to be coeliac!


Comment below if there are any other places I should check out!!!