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a blog about blogs: week eight

I won’t lie, I have always wanted to be insta famous…why? I have no idea, but seeing as I don’t have enough talent to make me the next Taylor Swift, and I have too much talent to be the next Kylie Jenner… being insta famous is probably the best option for a basic gal like me.

This weeks reading, “Mastering Story, Community and Influence: How to Use Social Media to Become a Socaileader”, written by Jay Oatway, was terribly appealing, as it sort of guided me in the right direction in regards to me achieving optimum instafame, or even just online fame in general.

I found that this article kind of broke down the steps to being noticed in your community (another term for being instafamous)…

  1. “In order to get noticed by our community, we need to go seek out the places where they are already hanging out”. This essentially involves hunting down where your ideal fans hang out and who the main influencers are. In terms of Felix and my Dog Blogging, it’s pretty easy to source these influencers- as most of them are infact on instagram- Doug the Pug and Marc Jacobs’ dog Neville are amongst many of the instafamous dog influencers
  2. “Before embarking on your community building safari, ensure that you are already posting a stream of content or curated social currency”. Whilst Felix hasn’t set up his own instagram yet, he is constantly blogging on my blog. Maybe my insta fame doesn’t come under my name, maybe it is Felix who will lead us to insta fame- so I shall set up an instagram for him.
  3. This next step involves building relationships with the influencers in order to possibly even get them to give you a shout out as such. This has been noted a one of our goals for Felix. (I feel like now I am becoming like one of those pushy dance mums but for my dogs social fame?!)

The article highlights the importance of “establishing a presence” online- getting your name out there, connecting with the big fame names and ensuring that you regularly engage in the community in order to remain active.

Oatway also helped in identifying where you can find these communities- Bloggers is a good place to start, as they are the “newsmakers and the new gatekeepers” to the new media establishment, that opposes the journalism style of media (and luckily we have already ticked that box). He also suggests that professional groups inside social media platforms, such as Cool Dog Group that we are a part of, topic chats/online forums, aggregators (which as I learnt are curating mediums that pull all the RSS feeds from the top blogs on a particular subject) and midfluencers, such as those dog instagrams we follow, are also great places to begin hunting down your community.

Luckily we have found Pack, the social media site for dogs and owners. It combines all these ideas into one place. I shall be posting a blog dedicated to my new found love for this platform later.

In the mean time, I think I will set up a dog instagram for Felix in the next few weeks, after all, he does have the sass of a celebrity, so why not give it a context and make him famous?


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pack problems

So as Felix and I have both mentioned, we have been contributing to the online dog community through the site Pack, which acts as a social media platform for dogs and their owners.

As Felix wrote in his blog a few weeks ago, I had asked a question on the forum aspect of the site to help both Mum and I to treat Felix’s dermatitis, as it is causing him a lot of discomfort. I would usually turn to Cool Dog Group to ask such questions, but seeing as I like challenging myself by using this new platform, I thought I would ask my fellow Pack users.


However, the results were not what I was expecting from a forum type element of a website…

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 4.27.15 pm


2 weeks, 0 comments. No one has contributed to my post. It has not become some sort of hypertextual information site that may, in turn, help other users with the same issue… rather, it has become a grave for all my online community hopes and dreams.

I am starting to doubt whether going outside of my usual online dog community on Facebook was such a good idea for this assignment at all.

I am going to go back to the drawing board and see what else I can do to build Felix’s online presence.

dog blog: Pack

Hello again humans, it is Felix.

Recently, my sister signed us up to Pack, which is an online communication platform for dogs and humans that allows them to share photos, ask questions and talk to other dogs and humans from across the world.

I was really excited when she mentioned this platform, as I believed that it would be a really great place to start building my online presence, because I think I deserve to be famous.

She has started posting photos of me, and connecting with her friend Sally’s dogs, which are almost as cute as I am. She also asked fellow dog owners for advice on how to treat my dermatitis in the online forum.

Whilst I wish I was able to participate in this community on my own, I am glad that my sister is able to help me. I can’t wait to hear back from the other dog owners and start making some friends

Lots of love,



music mondays: cub sport

Around a year ago, I saw Cub Sport in concert, whilst they were supporting Andy Bull on his Talk Too Much tour. Their catchy, slightly poppy slightly rocky tunes wowed me from the get go, so in order to get (you) go-ing this merky monday, I thought I would present you with a little run down of the awesome group and my 5 favourite Cub Sport songs.

Their indie pop tunes; a mix of bass, keyboard/synth and satisfying vocals, are the type that you can listen to over and over again, on repeat all day long and rather than getting sick of them, you fall further in love and start to discover new hooks or lines that just tickle your fancy. In an ideal situation, I would love for Cub Sport and San Cisco to do some sort of co-concert where their incredibly fun music would create some sort of audible ball pit of a concert (colours, smiles and joy).

So to partner that incredible imagery that makes me yearn to be 5 again, here are my top 5 killer tunes from Cub Sport

  1. Evie
  2. I Can’t Save You
  3. Paradise
  4. Told You So
  5. I Don’t Love My Baby


the coeliac diaries

In 2002, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Don’t worry… its not contagious and I guess its not really a disease either. It is an autoimmune disease where I not only get gastro-like symptoms from eating gluten, but the lining of my small intestine is worn down. Whilst it is not always genetic, I did inherit it from my nan, and my grandchildren will probably inherit it from me, as it usually skips a generation.

Whilst I was quite lucky to be diagnosed so early, I have always had trouble eating away from home, avoiding potential gluten hazards and ensuring that I don’t feel left out. When I was little, I always had to bring my own food to parties, and have it heated up long before anyone else ate, or long after anyone else ate. I had to grow up almost instantly after my diagnosis at age 5, I had to take care of myself and look out for gluten on labels, menus and tables.  My mother was more than supportive, spending most of her spare time baking bread, looking for new products, going on special shopping trips and to label reading classes, researching places to eat and taking me halfway across the galaxy to make sure I didn’t miss out. Through the prime of my teenage years, I ignored the banter surrounding it and tried to just take care of it all quietly, eating only if I could and I didn’t bother to bring my own food… because it was embarrassing.

But now, after also being diagnosed with malabsorption of nutrients because of my Coeliac Disease, I am owning it and putting in the effort to nourish my tummy and soul, ensuring that I DON’T have to miss out anymore. So I want to write this blog as both a rant about the disadvantages of Coeliac Disease (besides the obvious), the PROs of being coeliac and the foods I miss the most


-By being Coeliac, I was already ahead of the gluten-free trend, decades before Miley Cyrus was even considering cutting out bread and its friends.

-From the right people, you get a lot of love, attention and care. One of the things I always worried about was dating and trying to avoid going places where I knew all I would be stuck with was the option to get a salad… which may come across like I hate food (because I don’t). I was lucky enough to find a man who gets so much joy out of seeing me devour a plate of gluten-free delights that he is happy to drive me anywhere. As mentioned before, my parents are super supportive in buying me gluten-free treats. But in terms of external attention, every now and then, a teacher at school camp or a friends mum would go so far above and beyond to take care of me that some people would have mistaken me for some sort of royal being… moments like those cancelled out all those times I had to sit and eat my sandwich whilst everyone else stuffed their faces with party pies and sausage rolls.



This list could be A LOT longer than I’ll make it, because back in the day when I was first diagnosed, it was so hard to be catered for, and supermarket shopping was so much harder than it is now, as gluten-free was just not a thing.

-Chicken nuggets are not an option… They were the last gluten thing I ate. I remember crying in the car park of the Royal Children’s Hospital with my nuggets and asking mum “Why can’t I have more nuggets?!”… I still ask her that question (in reference to gluten free chicken nuggets now)

-People automatically assume that you are following the food trend when you ask the waiter ‘is this gluten-free?”. I’m not following it..k? If I didn’t follow it, I would get super sick. fin.

-A lot of people don’t actually know what gluten free entails, and when dodgy places claim they are ‘gluten-free’, they don’t have any clue what they are on about…

-People think you are allergic to gelatine… because apparently gluten and gelatine sound the same.

-Gluten-free bread tastes awful… except if it is from the Gluten-free bakery thats halfway across the state

-GLUTEN-FREE FOOD COSTS SO MUCH MORE THAN GLUTEN FOOD… and its not fair! (View the Pedestrian TV article here)


Foods I miss/crave/wish were gluten free

Chicken Nuggets (is like my family)

Fruit loops- don’t ask, I just miss them

Bread top- something about novelty asian bread just makes me wish I had my brothers gluten-tolerant stomach

Raspberry liquorice

(I will continue to edit this list today as I think of more things)


Anyway, there are pros and cons to being a Coeliac, but I will never grow out of it. I accept it, own it and flaunt it. Until they find a cure, I will continue to chew my cardboard like bread and eat my flavourless food, spend my entire pay check on gluten free delights and bring my own food- because I am proud to be gluten-free!





drump trump dump

So I have been asked to write a little blog discussing my views on the US presidential situation.

I am deeply concerned that Trump will win the US election… why? Because I have smelt his aftershave… and it ain’t good.

Why do I hold this particular anti-trump view? What has influenced me.

First of all, I have a friend who is very pro-Bernie Sanders, so his influence has steered me well away from such trump shenanigans.

Second of all…


I don’t trust raw chicken, or anything that looks remotely like it.

Lastly, I have common sense. Watching his interviews and analysing his incredible speeches and quotes (reminiscent of the idiotic style of George W Bush) provides all the information you need to know.


“If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America.”          –Donald Trump


If Donald Trump somehow triumphs, it will be a sad time of not only America, but for all associated countries. He is an easy target for terrorist attacks and other related disasters, making us an easy target too.



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a blog about blogs: week seven

This week’s reading, “Social Media and the Future of Political Narrative”, written by Jay David Bolter delved into the world of social media, and its participation and role in political Campaigns. Whilst I don’t have much interest in politics, not even the Donald Trump debarkle, this reading did spark my interest and further emphasised the power that social media has in this day and age.

I was intrigued by the part of the reading where Bolter explained that blogs began as online diaries, but now the blogging world has developed so far that there are genres of blogging, with political blogs being extremely popular, whilst also one of the most successful in “entering into cross-media chains with print and television”. This use of transmedia ‘storytelling’, whilst it may be present in American politics, isn’t really used much in Australia. I mean, I follow Kevin07 on instagram, but whilst he posts photos that do have some political referencing, he does not have a campaign running along side it. Although the idea of using such social media sites and digital media in conjunction with print and broadcast media is actually a super idea, as political figures are able to reach target audiences, such as myself, who are new to voting and want to get to know political candidates in a convenient and easy to access method.

The reading also follows on to explain the hypertextual nature of social media, how Facebook is compatible to link to other material or social network sites, and how material is so easily connected. He says that “Social media sites like facebook…encourage participants to ramify and increase the density of the link structures”, through means of adding ‘friends’, posting photos and even sharing links. When I was studying hypertexts a few weeks ago, the idea that social media sites were also hypertext mediums completely slipped my mind. The World Wide Web is just one big hypertext, and even when we are simply catching up on current affairs on facebook, posting photos of our delicious holiday or even linking to the menu from the great place we went for dinner last night, we are contributing to building dense connections and links.

Look at me, continuously engaging in hypertext media… I guess now that justifies using Facebook as study? ? ?



Bolter, Jay David. “Social Media and the Future of Political Narrative.” Travels in Intermediality. Lebanon, US: Dartmouth, 2012. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 8 February 2016. 206-226


dog blog: mutt cuisine

Hello humans, it is Felix here.

Today I would like to seize this opportunity to blog about my experiences with Dog Cuisine.

I am a fussy eater. I will refuse to take anything less than the best in my dog bowl. No Pedigree, no Eukanuba (what sort of name is that?), no Beneful. You may be asking- why are you so fussy Felix?

Well, I have very sophisticated taste buds for a dog. I can tell the difference between chicken from a can, and chicken from Bolton St Charcoal Chicken. I can tell the difference between tablets and treats. Home cooking is for princes like me, store bought is for peasants.

However, I do eat Ziwipeak, a superior food that my mother orders online. It is one of the most natural ones on the market, and I feel that may actually be human quality (Mum pretends to eat it, but her acting is very real which makes me believe her). It not only tastes good, but it is helping to heal my dermatitis, as it contains alot of omega 3, especially the veal and fix flavour.

In terms of snacks, I do enjoy lactose free yoghurt and deer antlers (which last forever!). I also think that fingers are delicious too.

I highly recommend that all other dog owners out there give their dogs the meal of a lifetime. Home cooked or Ziwipeak, give your puppy what it deserves.

Puppers- if your owner isn’t feeding you like they should, throw all your unwanted food out of your bowl. It is a universal sign for ‘this tastes like my dog poo’.

 P.S.- My sisters Sesame Street pjs are to my liking

social media for dogs is actually a thing

Yes, you did in fact read that correctly! I HAVE FOUND A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE FOR DOGS! Felix has always been featured on my social media sites, as he has always requested his photos to be shared, but he has had no outlet to post them to himself… until now.

Pack, is a website that takes on the format of a social media platform, combining the concepts of and also being compatible with Facebook and Instagram. The site is designed to connect dogs and owners from across the globe, allowing them to interact with other dogs of the same breed, like their photos, follow their pages/profiles and ask dog related questions in a forum.  Pack even has an inbox like feature, which I guess could act like a pen pal system for dogs- no. friggen. way *love heart eyes emoji*

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.41.50 am

I believe I have wanted a dog from birth, and it was not until our previous dog, Lily, showed up lost on our doorstep, that my family considered it (as mum is, or at least was, SEVERELY allergic). This platform not only allows me to express the joy and pride I feel having Felix in our family, but it also allows me to look at all the other fur babies in the world that make their owners feel the same way I feel.

Bless the creators of Pack ❤

music mondays: jaala

Getting back into my music writing- yaaaas!

So bouncing off the back of last weeks little rant about my night out at the Methyl Ethel concert, I thought I would make today’s blog all about one of the support acts- Jaala, a terribly awesome ensemble from Melbourne. The beauty of concerts is that not only do you get to see the headline act, but you have the opportunity to allow delightful support acts, such as Jaala, to embed their incredible work into your brain, so much so that even my lovely boyfriend was raving about how great they were, long after the concert (and thats saying something).

From the minute the band walked on the stage, my interest was instantly sparked… and not just because I was in love with the pants the lead singer, Cosima, was wearing #wardrobeenvy… but because of extraordinary sounds they were pulsing throughout the room.

Their smooth/indie/punk hybridity is awfully serenading; vocals full of wonder, each word grasping onto your feels and gently squeezing them. The softer elements of the songs are somewhat reminiscent of some of Kimbra’s early work, but the edges of the songs were a new surprise. The progression and composition of each song takes you on somewhat of a journey, ups and down with a velvety undertone.

Here is my list of my Jaala top 5, definitely worth a listen and download (in no particular order)

  1. Salt Shaker
  2. Double Dutch
  3. Low Lands
  4. Order
  5. War Song

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