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mid semester has broken

my gosh, I have never been so slack in my life. I’m not sure whether this lack of motivation is due to a chocolate overload, my mind never shutting up about various other problems/tasks/issues that really aren’t worth it, or maybe for the first time in a long time, I am absorbing the essence of the mid semester break… taking a break!

As this break has now come to an end, my little mind has woken up, my laziness has gone and the reality that I have a full 10ish weeks of readings, lectures, tutes and practicals ahead of me. Lucky I am enjoying my classes, hey!


list of things…in my wardrobe that you should all invest in

It has taken me a while to find a sort of style that has made me feel like ME

So I thought, why not share these amazing items…

1. Mom/Mum/MAAAM Jeans

The worlds most strange but incredible jeans. I am obsessed with my light wash pair of CUSTOM MADE Mom Jeans from Dejour Jeans in Brunswick. For ages I had been looking for a pair of high waisted jeans that didn’t make me look like I was half as tall, double the size I actually am and that I actually liked.


Because.. They are SO 90s, I can actually wear them for days on end without being so uncomfortable I want to cry, they look crash hot with my turtlenecks (read about them below) and they are just so unflatteringly flattering.


2. All-White Stan Smith Adidas Sneakers

I should never be allowed to own white things, because from past experiences I can never keep something clean for longer than a day. I am constantly doing washing and I am probably the number 1 consumer of Sard Wonder Soap in Australia. But these leather foot pillow foot huggers foot lovers are definitely hard to pass


Because they somehow go with absolutely everything! I can dress them up with my Country Road Culottes, can dress them down with jeans and 90s them up with those hot momma jeans. How do I take care of them? With tonnes of leather protector, leather cleaner and trying not to step on my own feet


3. Culottes

Specifically my Country Road ones (similar to these here) They are comfy and stylish at the same time, and go along with that monochrome trend that I am in love with. I also have a denim pair which are absolutely awesome


They go with everything, make me actually look like I have put time into my outfit, are awesome for work and play and somehow match with my crop tops and my turtlenecks. OH and I only paid $20 for them when they had an original RRP of $200 #winwinwin


4. Turtle Necks

These comfortable, multipurpose, colourful, warm and delicious tops are my multiple year long obsession.


Because they literally go with every single thing I own. And I love the way they look- stylish, sophisticated and hilarious (when I pull the neck over my head). I can pair them with literally anything and look completely put together, no troubles.


5. Oversized Earrings

I was never really an earring person until I discovered the most quirky, comfortable and stylish pair #cheersASOS


Because they are the finishing touch your outfit has been screaming out for. They just add that little bit of pizzazz… you know?



Anyway, a brief list but I can’t share ALL of my favourite wardrobe bits because I would be here forever. I am just excited that I finally feel like me #woohoo


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another blog about blogs: week three

Ahhh, copyright.

Last year in Media 1, I remember that we had a Copyright Lecturer called Anne Lennox, and I could NOT get over the fact that my friend Emily actually thought that Annie Lennox was coming in to class. I didn’t exactly get too much out of that lecture, so it was good to revisit the content with this weeks reading, and in the tutorial.

So lets begin…

As a general rule, I don’t like to assume things. But in relation to copyright, assuming that , as this weeks reading (a page on Arts Law Australia) noted, that it is important to assume that ‘other’s work is protected by copyright’ and to assume this ‘until you are able to confirm this otherwise’. But why do we have to assume?

Well in this day and age, material is automatically copyrighted, restricting others from reusing your material without crediting you or asking for your permission. According to Arts Law Australia, the duration of copyright is usually the lifetime of the creator plus 70 years. Which is a long timeeeeeeeeeee.

But copyright can be a pain in the you know what, especially when you are a Media student, like myself. But luckily, there is this wonderful place called Creative Commons, well its not a place, but just go with it…Copyrighted material cannot be reproduced by others without the permission of the owner of the material, but Creative Commons allows for the sharing of material for reproductive purposes in a legal way, to the extent determined by the licence holder.

So Copyright has those heavy punishments for stealing #nocrimes, where as Creative Commons allows you to legally use other peoples material to the extent to which they determine, meaning that if someone holds a Creative Commons licence, and I find material that I like on their site, depending on their licence I may be able to reproduce their material for my own benefit, enhancing my blog and proving that I am Network Literate? How, because I am able to contribute my material for the use of others, and also use the work of others in a sharing environment.



But just to be sure, because sometimes I get all anxious and OCD about getting in trouble (I have a fear of cops), how can I assist to legally cover myself against copyright infringement?

By using a disclaimer. Kind of like the one you see on youtube when someone makes a fan video to a song and uses copyright protected material.

But why? Because, as Arts Law Australia says, “Having a disclaimer on your website to deny responsibility for any misconduct (copyright infringement, defamation, etc) will not provide absolute protection from others taking legal action against you.” but it will be taken into account if I ever did get in trouble. Like a concession card when the Myki Men come out to get you #nofineplease.

To prevent my work from being misused, stolen etc, I have chosen to place my blog under the ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International;’ Licence, sourced from Creative Commons.

But on that note, if you ever did want to use any of my work, photos, puns etc… just message me! I promise I won’t go all lawyer on you if you ask!


list of things…not to do when engaging with online content

If you had thought you had heard the last of my educational banter for the week, think again. This time I’m smashing it together with my lists post to provide you with my list of things NOT to do when engaging with instagram photos, sharing/commenting Facebook things and blogs.. etc

But first, here is a little story…

Remember how I said I was a bit of a ‘network literacy by stander’? Well guess what, I popped my blog commenting cherry :O I took that leap that I, the observer, had been dreading. I was afraid that I would just stuff it all up but the result was awesome, because guess what- I became a peer in the networked literacy world. I was already contributing and sharing, but finally I learnt to immerse myself in the community by sharing my knowledge, thoughts and jokes in the form of a comment on Sammy’s post relating to this weeks reading.

I know it only seems like something small, but I have now fully started my journey to being a network literate media student and practitioner #winning

So anyways, whilst talking to my tutor Hannah, I realised why I was so hesitant to the whole commenting thing. I absolutely cringe like you wouldn’t believe when I read those fan comments on celebrities instagram or Facebook posts. Where they comment in such a way that it sounds like they are BF4L, but really they are not… just no…

Or even better, the whole ‘mum on Facebook’ style of interacting with posts which then end up clogging up your newsfeed.

It got me thinking- what are the NO NOs that can be avoided to prevent yourself from becoming one of these twelve fan gals, daggy mums or even worse… the multiplatform embarrassment?

Lets begin…

1. Don’t give that celebrity your personal opinion on her new hair do…


Because there is a large chance that Kylie Jenner won’t read it, and 99% chance that she doesn’t care. Your comment ‘gr8 hair babe’ not only is pointless, but also makes you look like a newbie.


The best way to share your opinion is to your REAL LIFE bestie in a link, in a private chat or text. You will get more of a conversation out of it because you will actually get a response from someone with an opinion that matters to you

2. Don’t share everything interesting you see on Facebook- this one is for you Mums!


Because there is a particular button for expressing that you LIKE a post- the like button #wow


Filter through the content you like… think- is this really SO amazing that it will benefit the lives of my 500 Facebook friends?

Do however, keep going with the short food related posts because they are actually uber beneficial, unlike those ‘Share if you love your daughter’ posts.

3. Don’t tag your significant other in inappropriate and private posts from pages you follow


I don’t, and your friends don’t want to know about your private lives. It is gross


Send it privately, its more intimate too


But what can you DO to be a better account holder on Facebook, instagram and other social media/online content sites?

1.Do send motivational photos in a private message to your friends


Because it will definitely make them smile, and its private, which is more thoughtful and shows that you have intact thought of them in particular and taken the time to share it with them

2.Do like people’s profile pictures


Because in a world where there is a lot of self hate, a little like is that shine of positivity that someone needs when they take that leap of posting a photo of themselves to such a public platform. One like = one smile. Share the positivity guys


Anyways, I think now that I have addressed why I had a fear of commenting and interacting as a peer on the networked literacy platform, I feel like i can live on with the confidence to comment and learn from commenting and learn from reading comments and contributing and putting in that extra effort to share valuable knowledge or insights.


another blog about blogs: week two

Adrian Miles, you’ve done it again… – My take on the JB-HiFi tag line in reference to this weeks reading

I was quite drawn in to this weeks reading, “Network Literacy: The New Path to Knowledge” by Adrian Miles, from the moment he got into the story of who he later refers to as ‘Penny’. Why? Because I love a good story!

No but really…

I had a sort of ephiphany during this reading…


But first. I felt like this article was able to give me a clear understanding of the difference between the two. Print literacy has a beginning, middle and end- it is tangible. Network literacy on the other hand is post and content based, you can integrate other media into it, and to be network literate you must be able to interact with the content and understand its function.

Miles discussed the obvious physical differences between the two forms of literacy, but I was particularly drawn to the content relating to the difference in interactions and etiquette between print literacy and networked literacy.
Miles explained, in his anecdote of ‘Penny’, that she ‘knew she must not write on them [books]”. With print literacy, I feel like this sort of ‘look don’t touch’ idea is embedded into our concepts and associations with the tactile literacy forms. I always felt like it created a barrier between me, the materials and the ways in which I could interact and react to the content. When you compare this sort of distance between you and print media, it emphasises networked literacy’s beauty – a shared environment, where in order to be ‘network literate’, one must, as Miles says, “participate as a peer within the emerging knowledge networks that are now the product of the internet”.  It is a community, rather than a stack of paper, put on a shelf, with a whole lot of other paper. I guess that when interacted with, a blog post or form of network literacy can become a mind map of a multitude ideas from various individuals, relevant to the original content; an ideological resource.  It may be negative at times, but there is something lovely about the fact that it so heavily relies on interaction and a sense of community and togetherness in order to remain what it is. Not that I was ever a fan of reading, but I feel that the closeness and interactivity which network literacy offers, attracts me to it.

After completing the reading, I came to a realisation…

I am not usually one to comment on content I find online. I usually only tag people in comments on Facebook and tend to be a bit of a networked literacy ‘by-stander’. This reading alerted me to the idea that this new form of literature ,which I have learnt and continue to learn so much about, relies heavily on my impact as a media and content creator. Due to my lack of participation, I am quite possibly not getting anything out of my interactions with this form, because I am not actually interacting with this form in the intended way, I am not a peer, I am not playing by the ‘rules’, and therefore, not quite ‘literate’.

I am inspired to see how much I can get out of this new form of literacy…

I just have to pop my little observational bubble


dog blog: school

hello, it is Felix, the intelligent blogging dog.

My sister is involved in a community called Cool Dog Group on Facebook. She says that this is where fellow dog lovers, like herself, can post pictures of their dogs. She says I have been a hit, and I now have the confidence to blog.

My brother and sister are now back at their respective schools, so I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my schooling experiences.

I started school 1 year ago. My sister took me to a very strange looking female with a monotonal voice. She assumed I was unintelligent, which is utterly untrue, so I sat in the water bowl until it was over.

Then mother decided to take me to a new puppy school. Nobody likes moving schools, dogs included. Whilst this school, which they called Puppy School (oh please, I am not a Puppy I am a Dog), was a lot better than the other school, they put be in the Beginners class. Just because I refused to sit, didn’t mean I CAN’T sit, I just didn’t want to. For gods sake, we were on a MUDDY OVAL and I have WHITE FUR! So I just ate the mud, peed in the water bowl and took on buff looking dogs instead.

As you could assume, my favourite part of this ‘Puppy School’ was home time. I would help my mother steer us home (she didn’t enjoy that, but I did) and then jump into my sisters arms and get cuddles.

I eventually learnt how to sit, down and go. My Aunty taught me that, and I listened because I actually liked her.

I guess you could use my schooling experiences as an example of the homeschool vs school school debate (I am just going to drop the Puppy bit). It may depend on the individual as to who is best. I preffered to learn in a more relaxed, clean and loving environment, but the other dogs I met prefered the public and intense schooling environment.

If my sister ever gets a dog, I will tell him of my life and experiences. I am sure that she would home school him too, as she knows how well it worked for me.
Please enjoy a photo of me in a school themed tie. At the time of this photo, I thought it was humorous that I looked like my brother. He resembles a rat too…

Good afternoon,

Felix x

the intern diaries: part 1

I thought it might be a good idea to start blogging about my internship and experience in the professional world, because hey- it might be nice to see how far I come one day AND I also have to ‘blog’ or write about my experience to graduate so I may as well get cracking. So ill take the opportunity, and this blog, to write about my experiences, position and achievements so far.

So I didn’t actually apply for this internship, however I was headhunted in December by a cookware company as they had been following my food-related instagram and liked the content I was producing (kind of flattering hey!). I wasn’t really sure what path I wanted to take- radio, cinematography, editing, writing- I just didnt kow. But I have always really enjoyed writing content and communicating personas, so it was nice to discover that content creating is actually a job, and a really fun one at that. 

So what do you actually do, Indi the Intern?

I do a bit of everything actually! Lemme break it down…

As I started my internship during the Christmas peroid, there wasn’t a long list of tasks for me to do. Began working with the Digital Manager, organising a list of potential brand partners and affiliates for the different brands. I was exposed to a lot of different tools that acted as search engines that filtered through all the different blogs on the interwebs (I love pretending to be 100 years old) and provided you with a condensed list of blogs that matched your search along with their contact details. I went through and established who was suitable, and for what brand. It wasn’t exactly what I thought the internship would be like, but I was pushed in a better direction when I went over to Marketing.

I was thrown in the media side of marketing, social media in particular-it was scary, exciting and totally up my alley. I was not only writing the 2 line statuses, but the recipes, tips and articles themselves. I was able to combine my passion for baking, knowledge of recipes and my love for taking on a business persona and put them to good use. Although, I did get mega hungry looking at photos of food and reading food related things all day. Luckily for me there was a mean Health Food Store AND Gluten-Free Fish & Chip Shop down the road… (for those of you who don’t know, I have Coelic Disease so I legitimately can’t eat gluten #notafadfollower)

Fast track a few weeks to last month, when I finally started to see my content popping up on the Facebook page. It was one of those ‘HEY MUM LOOK WHAT I DID’ moments and I wanted to share it with the world. I was proud of myself and felt like those hungry days of work were worth it. 

After 3 months of content writing, I decided that I really wanted to learn the behind the scenes side of it all. The social media guy showed me it all- scheduling programs such as Hootsuite and Facebook Business Manager, email and newsletter services like Mailchimp and Campaign Manager and the anaylitical side of it all on Google Analytics. So the real stuff #realstuff.

Now and for the remaining 2 months of my internship, I am the bridge between Media, Marketing and Digital. I am imvolved in it all and loving it. I am definitely looking forward to delving in a little deeper and finding out the sort of things I like and don’t like, getting more involved in social campaigns and the business AND building up my skill set.

Indi the Intern signing out.

list of… things not to do when on public transport


After a positively horrible bus trip home from uni yesterday, I was inspired to make a list of things that you can do to avoid being an annoying passenger on public transport.

This list may come in handy if you are a newbie at public transport and public spaces, or if you just want to validate that you are or are not a public nuisance

Let us begin..

1. Don’t speak (or should I say shout) to the person on the other end of the phone so loudly that I can hear you up the other end of the carriage…


Because I really don’t care that your housemate left the fridge open, or that your son forgot to eat breakfast, or that something else supposedly important happened (I can’t understand Spanish).

AND because it makes for a really awkward train experience. Old ladies always look for my nod of disapproval and agreeance with them- don’t give me a reason to do it, because I don’t want to…

2. Don’t take up 1 & 1/2 seats


Because whilst it may look fun, trying to decrease your size so that you can at least maintain your personal space bubble is uncomfortable, difficult and terribly unnecessary. (YES MAN FROM THE BUS YESTERDAY I AM TALKING TO YOU)

3. Don’t cut your nails…


Because I don’t want to brush them off myself when I have to exit the train 6 stops early to avoid losing my breakfast as a result of your activities

4. Don’t forget to apply deodorant 


Do I even have to explain?

But here are some things that you CAN and SHOULD to be a GOOD PASSENGER on public transport…

1. DO stand and give your seat to the elderly, pregnant or injured 


Because they appreciate the seat, plus it is a little bit of good karma for you


2. DO thank your bus driver


Because it just might make them smile… and I’m sure they would appreciate it more than you will ever know


3. DO put your bag on your lap or floor so someone else can have the seat next to you


Because it is the nice thing to do


Do touch on, do touch on and do catch public transport. I may drive, but not all the way. I do 50/50 car and public transport trips because it is that little bit better for the environment.



a blog about blogs: week one

“This weeks reading reflection is kinda like some inception, perception”- Kanye West/me pretending to be Kanye West

Ever since I was able to hold a pen, I always loved to keep a diary- whether it was a list of my best friends, random drawings of me with super long eyelashes and bulbus hands, stories about people who annoyed me at school or even lyrics to my next big hit- “ooh baby baby”. I would like to think that blogs are the new, exciting and technologically awesome way of journalling or keeping a diary. I stopped keeping a diary after I realised that the only people reading it were me and another suspect, which was 1000% my little brother, no record companies looking to produce a 5 year olds superb song #nikkiwebsterwannabe. After starting up my other blog for the first year of my degree, then taking a break from regular blogging last semester, I am super excited to be back into it. And don’t worry, there will be more lists, music related entries and even some more bulbus hand artwork, as well as academic writing and reflection (of course)

This weeks reading, “Blogs in Media Education: A Beginning” got me really thinking about how and why I can use this blog to my academic and professional advantage. Technology has obviously come such a long way (iPhones are getting smaller, thats obvious proof-duh!) and as a Media student I am very interested in the new forms of media that are developing as a result of these advancements and how I can develop my skills to use them to my advantage and their full potential. Miles says himself that “contemporary media students need to develop a range of literacies around internet and digital technologies” and with blogging becoming such a large online communicative tool, as a Media Comms student, I completely agree. I was told on my first day of my degree last year that this degree was aimed to ‘produce all-round media practitioners’. I am willing to try whatever I need to to achieve this aim, and if blogging is one of them then that is good for me- because I LOVE it!

I found that I also related to Miles point about successful blogging…

“successful blogging is not something that happens in one class or even a week- just as successful writing usually takes years to develop”

I find this statement terribly true. Even after a year of blogging here and there, I still find academic blogging a challenge, and I guess my aim for Networked Media as a class is to improve my application of the academic blogging style. The best part is that I get to improve my writing at the same time as writing about all the things that come naturally.

the student charter

Back in the high school days, the ‘charter’ was an institution. it was a bus that took an exclusive group of Greensborough and St Helena students to their site of residence.

In university, however, the ‘charter’ is a totally different thing. It is an expression and reflection of the core values of RMIT.

You may be asking, Indi/Indie, why are you writing about such a thing? Well, kids, its kind of relevant to me as a student, blogger and person in life in two particular ways…

Some of the main responsibilities of RMIT, as described in this charter are…

“Provide programs, services and resources that meet students’ diverse needs”

As a student in a creative course and industry, the access to programs and services that can support my creative endeavours is more than important. RMIT has provided me with Networked Media, a program in which this blog is used to write about. This course allows me to build an online profile, improve my academic and general writing skills as well as learn super cool stuff like coding and gathering an online audience. #allroundmediapractitionerlifecomeatme

Whilst this element relates to the course I am currently sitting in, there is another section of the charter that relates to a previous experience as a student.

“Provide a safe, supportive and sustainable environment that challenges and empowers students”

I took a hiatus from blogging last semester due to a not so wonderful experience I had with one of my classes. RMIT were extremely supportive and provided me with the necessary physical, emotional and logical support that helped me to solve the problem without influencing my marks and commitment to the course. They even checked up on me periodically to make sure that the problem I encountered was not happening again, and worked behind the scenes to ensure that I could continue with my class confidently.

Well done RMIT, your charter rocks. And don’t worry, I am committed to fulfilling my end of the charter to ensure that university remains a harmonious place (peace out emoji)