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The Best [er] of the Semester

I began this course as a film and screen oriented individual- only really having delved into the world of making and analysing films and a little bit of script writing on the side. I was dying to grow and develop my skills, expanding and delving deep into my love for media.
My wishes were heard.

Even though it is only semester 1, I have already began to develop skills that will get stronger as the degree passes on- skills that will contribute to me becoming an all rounded media practitioner.
I have been presented with unique opportunities where I could apply my learnings and the outcomes of my collaborative efforts to the project briefs- incorporating a combination of written work with audio and visual content to communicate meaning. Each opportunity allowed me to discover a new way of approaching media and/or develop vital skills.

Week 2 was the most important week of this semester. Not only did I feel like this whole thing was a little more real, but I was gifted with the noticing task, which was not only a great learning opportunity but it completely changed my perspective on media, myself and life.
I now notice the world around me in a different and richer way. I’ve noticed that I am at my happiest when I am doing something related to what I love, and that happens to be blogging.
I’ve noticed that I learn best when I can talk and communicate about it (which is a good sign seeing as this is a communications degree!).
I’ve noticed that ‘new isn’t always better’- archival footage is awesome and adds depth to media, no matter what form.
But most importantly, I’ve learnt to notice my abilities and the fact that Media is my jam, my groove. It allows me to rearrange and remix the crazy ideas that have been circulating my mind for years to produce something wonderful.
I felt like this was extremely evident from Week 7 onwards, when everything in my little brain rearranged- I felt confident in my creations and the words, ideas and connections where flowing out my eyes, ears and mouth.
I can happily confirm that this is the path I am meant to follow, the setting for my narrative.

Semester one has presented itself with not only vital learnings that have formed the foundation for the rest of the course and my involvement in the media industry, but with life long friends, collaborative partners and the discovery of my new passions and skills.
Just the other day, I found my Dear Future Me post. I already feel like I am well on my way to having achieved what I aimed to achieve in that first week of the course.

In classic Indi style, I shall leave you with a song that is relevant to my learnings and ramblings… S Club 7 with ‘Bring it all Back

Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top.
Let the world see what you have got, bring it all back to you!

Here are the best [er] of the semester, the blogs which indicate my little lightbulb moments and where the information started to click…

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