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This is a personal post…

I promised myself that I wouldn’t give in and write a personal post for my blog… BUT I AM DROWNING IN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIES and it is not ok!!!
I blame Pop Culture; I mean, if I didn’t have to annotate 4 articles and whip them up into an annotated bibliography for the group project, as well as another 4ish other huge assignment, I would be just left with the 5 for Media 1…If I add it up correctly, I get a whopping total of 14ish articles that need to be annotated, summarised and then applied to my work.
Oh a little bit of background information on me and my relationship with reading for educational purposes= I HATE IT. It took me 5 weeks to read one of my Year 12 English texts because I didn’t want a bar of it. And the only time I have wanted to read anything for school was when we studied The Hunger Games, and I wanted to read it because I had already seen the film, meaning I could understand it all better as I had already seen the story in filmic form.

So here I am, whipping up a dreaded personal-style blog because I am procrastinating from those 14 readings that await my eyes on the other tabs of my Google Chrome browser.
I have downloaded the articles into PDFs so I can put them into iBooks on my iPad, hopefully I can man up and read. I can’t let myself down because I just can’t be bothered- I don’t give up, I don’t fail…ahhh man

If you don’t see me at Uni, you know I have drowned on the iSearch page,


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Media 1 Workshop 8

Full steam ahead with Project Brief 4! Despite the fact that Samantha was unfortunately away due to illness, our group managed to power on; smashing out not only a contract, but a research plan and a pretty awesome hunt for articles…

We created our collaborative contract, being as specific as we could in these early days of the assignment. My group and I have worked really well together and there doesn’t seem to be any sight of collaborative conflict in the foreseeable future, but it is good to know that through the creation of the contract we have formulated a strategy that can be implemented if conflict was to occur.
We also began to brainstorm topics, issues and concepts related to our topic of ‘technology’. We came up with 3 main ideas; using technology as a method of creation, production and communication, as well as an umbrella theme of ‘power’ to tie our thoughts together. Technology gives individuals the power to create multi platform media, but technology also has the power to influence individuals physically and mentally.

I have already started to gather articles for my annotated bibliography- I am excited to start researching my topic and getting nitty gritty into the world of media and technology.
I am also super pleased with my group- we are on the ball, motivated and smart… what more could you want?!

Here is a relevant song: Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic

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Following on from yesterday’s ‘Song of the Week’, I have decided to flash the spotlight on Mac DeMarco, the legend of surf rock.

I first got onto Mac after the release of his most recent album Salad Days. It became the soundtrack to my annual beach holiday and was the perfect accompaniment to the rainy Torquay days as well as the sunny surf days. But I didn’t stop listening to Salad Days when I got home, in fact I began to listen to it more and more and more. I remember he played a concert a week before my 18th birthday and I was shattered that I was a week too young to attend. It was at that moment that I realised I hadn’t listened to much of his earlier stuff (I’m still confused as to why I didn’t think of exploring his discography until)
So this week I shall pay homage to the goofiest of indie rockstars, Mr Mac DeMarco…

1. Goodbye Weekend– Salad Days (2014)
I play this song on repeat for an hour on a Sunday night and then again one last time on my commute into uni on a Monday morning. The wobbly guitar and soothing sound of Mac’s voice makes that hard goodbye a little bit easier…

2. My Kind of Woman– 2 (2012)
The innocent guitar lingering in the background of this song just gives such a romantic vibe to this song, accompanying the lyrics so well. This song combines desperation, love and surf rock in such a beautiful way… The music video for this song made me smile- I mean cute lil Mac putting on lipstick.. come on guys nawwww

3. Chamber of Reflection– Salad Days (2014)
Yep, synth, killin me Mac!!!
This is my number 2 favourite Mac DeMarco song. The bass is so smooth and just gets me in and don’t even get me started on the synth. His voice is so relaxing and angelic in a sexy indie way. I actually can’t even describe it because as I am listening to it right now, I am being sent into a complete state of relaxation and my mind is just asdghklsfhdjkslh.
It is such a beautiful song that makes for a killer bedtime tune but also gets me groovin’ at the same time. And the music video is hilariously quirky!

4. Ode to Viceroy– 2 (2012)
This song is one of his more well known, and you can tell why. The strong guitar layered with the subtle bass and the finishing touch of Mac’s kooky lyrics and style.. ahhhh 🙂

5. Passing Out Pieces– Salad Days (2014)
This is my absolute favourite song of Mac’s, and one of my all time favourite songs. I can’t even pick my favourite elements of the song because I love it all. I love the meaning behind the lyrics and just everything. I love it all.
I listen to this song at least once a day and is one of those songs that suits all seasons (I love it most on a rainy day). I know I will love this song forever and I hope you fall in love with it too!

Hopefully one day I will be able to see the smooth, cool and quirky Mac DeMarco live in concert, but for the time being, I will just watch the rain fall and listen to him on repeat…

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This week’s song of the week has been on repeat all week- it has overtaken ‘Tusk’ as the number 1 song on my ‘Top 25 Most Played’ playlist… It is ‘Freaking Out the Neighbourhood’ by Mac DeMarco.
I have been a Mac DeMarco lover for a while, mainly listening to his most recent album, Salad Days, because it’s so freakin good! And the music videos are so freakin’ crazy cool.
I was watching his doco on Pitchfork’s youtube channel late the other night and it was clear that Mac must be the topic of discussion for not only my ‘Song of the Week’, but my ‘Saturday Spotlight’ which will be coming your way tomorrow!
Also, he recently announced that he will be releasing a mini LP in August- I SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT!

‘Freaking Out the Neighbourhood’ is a seriously addictive 2 minutes and 55 seconds, filled with Mac’s cheesy lyrics and surf rock vibes. My favourite bit of the song is the guitar sequence at the end- it’s so funky and retro and it just gives the song an extra 10000 cool points (like it wasn’t the coolest song already?!)
No matter what the weather is like outside, this song makes me feel like I’m surfing waves back in the 70s in my American Apparel swimsuit… Don’t ask why, just listen for yourself- Mac DeMarco, ‘Freakin Out the Neighbourhood’

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Media 1 Workshop 7

In this week’s workshop, we presented our highly anticipated Project Brief 3 portraits. It was so interesting and inspiring to see how my peers represented their chosen subject through the use of various media. The stand-outs for me were those produced by Emily, Rose and Annie (Annie’s is embedded below); they all embraced different styles of presentation, yet I felt like I got to know their subject on a deeper level- who they are, what their story is and their individual characteristics.
When it came time to screen my film, I was overcome with emotion which made it difficult to give a brief overview of my portrait prior to its screening. I was proud of the finished product to an extent, I mean, it was a difficult thing to execute and I had trouble letting go of it, as I wanted to make him and my family proud.
I was really humbled by the reception of my portrait. I received some feedback on the positive aspects of my portrait, such as the themes weaved throughout and the incorporation of images from my Nonno/Grandfathers’s youth. My feedback group also highlighted that I could have included some photos of me with my grandfather that were a little more recent, to express that he was an important part of not only my childhood, but my teenage years too.
I was lucky enough to be in a group with Annie, who was also honouring her Nan who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I am close friends with Annie, and we collaborated frequently throughout the PB3 creative process due to the similarity of our subjects and the circumstances surrounding the production of our portraits.
Her portrait was absolutely incredible. It encompassed so much emotion, but was presented in such a touching way. The highlight of her portrait visually was the layering of the time-lapse with the footage of Alice in Wonderland trapped in the Rabbit hole. It was such a creative way to exhibit the pain and helplessness that is felt and associated with degenerative mental conditions. The sound was also such a beautiful element of the portrait- it was so simple and expressed her Nan’s ability to remember a tune after hearing someone else sing a few lines.
Annie- you are amazing.

PB3 really made me think about songs that have a similar purpose as the portraits- depicting traits and behaviours of individuals. The song that came to mind was ‘Brianstorm‘ by Arctic Monkeys, which was written after the band had an encounter with a man [who they labelled Brian] left them ‘in awe of his presence’.
I’m also very glad this song came to mind, as I love it when I get to incorporate Alex Turner into anything 😀


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Media 1 Lecture 7

The topic of this week’s lectorial sounded interesting when it was mentioned last week, but to an extent. I mean for the past however many years, text has meant or been a part of two things…

1) Textbook- that dreaded pile of paper that has headaches hidden in the first page of every chapter

2) A text message- a little bit better than a textbook; especially if its from Grandma who signs hers off with a little frog emoji #bless

It wasn’t until I delved into the readings that I remembered the real meaning of the word text.. ‘Material traces that are left of the practice of sense-making – the only empirical evidence we have of how other people make sense of the world’– Alan McKee

I was reminded of the fact that the way we read, interpret and receive texts influences our understanding of their intentions and meanings. I am one of those people who is constantly looking for the deeper meaning in songs, movies, photographs, conversations… I love it and it was part of the reason I chose to enter the world that I now call home- the world of Media (beginning in VCE)

In G.Branston & R.Stafford’s ‘Approaching Media Texts’ (Ch.1) in The Media Student’s Book, I was reminded of Semiotics- a theory of signs that can be used to explain how texts work to produce meanings and how they come to have such significance. This reading also built on my knowledge of connotations and associations as elements of semiotics- Denotation is the literal or first order meaning, whilst connotation is the cultural or second order meaning.
For the word Text, the denotation of text could be something ‘written or printed’, most likely referring to words.
The connotation of text, the cultural meaning would be ‘SMS’… “I got a text from Annie today…”
Inception of ideas…

The second reading, Victor Burgin’s ‘Looking at Photographs’ (Ch.6) from Thinking Photography, was relevant to a task I had just finished for my Cinema Studies class- shot analysis. The ideas presented through this reading were the finishing touches to those already inside my head- his words were highlighted the fact that a photograph can tell 1000 words, just like a shot from a film; each pixel or second is filled with so much meaning.

I will conclude this blog with a quote from my legendary friend Emily Mitrevski

Text is the tissue of today’s society and the fabric of our communication with others – seen through film, photographs, recordings. it’s what binds humanity together in an existential way.
-Emily Mitrevski

I am so glad that I met her- we have been such an awesome collaborative team- Annie, her and I- not only for uni projects, but just in general life.
I guess thats what friends are for… :’) ❤

Project Brief 3- William

I aimed to focus on the attributes possessed by my late grandfather, William Marchiori, to create a portrait in his honour. He was known for his kind and caring nature, passion for motor sports and his large hands. I chose to open with a segment focussed solely on his hands; as they were not only the first thing people noticed about him, but are metaphorically representative of his kind and giving nature. He was not only passionate about helping others, but he deeply loved all things motor related; both the mechanics and the driving. I was lucky enough to gather photos from his motor accident, which I scanned and made into a GIF, which created a link between the photographic and filmic elements of my film. I decided to finish with a focus on his family, especially myself and my brother who were his only grandkids. He was so influential in our lives and I felt that it was appropriate to show his love for his family.
The sound of a heartbeat builds throughout the course of the film. The volume is representative of the ups and downs he encountered due to his failing heart. At the end of the portrait, I accompany the heartbeat fading with the sound of the car engine turning off to express that it was due to the engine of his body (the heart) stopping that he passed away.

I struggled with the fact that I was unable to film new material as my subject has passed on, but my family were helpful and sent through photos and videos that I could incorporate into the portrait. I was pleased with how well the archival footage worked with the pre-existing material. Using archival footage is not something I am familiar with and I was afraid it would create a sense of static, but I believe it created depth.
Collaborating with my peers also assisted the overall quality and outcome, as I was able to get feedback that in the end, enhanced and developed my ideas to allow for them to be presented as well as they possibly could be.

William- A Portrait from India Weaver on Vimeo.

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I remember listening to Andy Bull back in 2010, when his song featuring Lisa Mitchell, Dog, was a featured download on the Triple J website. I instantly fell in love with his sound and knew that one day I would see him in concert. Little did I know that 4 years later, on a lovely Autumn evening, not only would I be seeing him in concert, but that I WOULD BE FRONT ROW, LATER GIVING HIM A HUG AND TALKING TO HIM!

Last night, I went to see him live, with Cub Sport and Lanks, at 170 Russell. I don’t know whether it was his incredible and distinct voice, piano skills or his extremely symmetrical/aesthetic face that ‘got’ me all those years ago, but all I know is that last night I got to stand right at the front and watch all the songs that have racked up extremely high play counts on my iPod come to life.

Seeing as I am in such a state and still recovering, I thought I would shine the spotlight on the World’s Most Aesthetically Pleasing and Talented Man…

Here are my favourite Andy Bull songs plus a special bonus 🙂


*Calms down to write and link*

1. Small Town Girl– [single] (2008)
This song was released before I discovered the amazingness that is Andy Bull, or ‘good music’ for that matter. Oh how Andy was melting hearts before anybody could see how aesthetically pleasing his jaw line is… ahhhhh
I love how soulful this song is, plus how little, young and cute he looks. His hair is reminiscent of Alex Turner’s at the same time- the long haired phase of 2008-2010.

2. Dog (feat. Lisa Mitchell)– The Phantom Pains EP (2010)
This is a little after the long hair phase, but the piano heavy-waltzy feel is still present in this tune (I love it). It was the first Andy Bull tune I ever listened to, and I love it more and more every time I listen to it. Its quite a raw song in comparison with his newer stuff and is almost reminiscent of Regina Spector’s music. This song is so beautiful and gentile, despite the intensity of its lyrics. Also a lovely collaboration between two amazing home-grown artists!

3. Keep On Running– Sea of Approval (2014)
I’m not lying when I say Andy Bull is the World’s Most Aesthetically Pleasing Man- even his music videos are aesthetically pleasing.
This song is more electronic than his early stuff, but still equally as soulful/emotional.
It made it to number 57 in the Triple J Hottest 100 2013 (but it should have been higher) and makes many appearances on playlists on various devices of mine. It is ironically a good running/jogging song and I love it very much.

4. Baby I am Nobody Now
Just when you think you are in love with him, check out how well he wears the white t-shirt in this music video- IT IS SO CRISP AND LOVELY. Everything he touches turns into an aesthetic work of art for your eyes and ears. Shadows caress his face like… I can’t even… and I’m fan-girling again!
It is such a catchy song and I agree with most of the lyrics… let me break it down for you…
“Baby I’m a 10 outta 10”- Hell yeh you are Andy
“Baby I’m one hell of a find”- Hell yeh you are Andy
“Baby I’m one of a kind”- Hell yeh you are Andy
“Baby I’m once in a lifetime”- Hell yeh you are Andy

5. Talk Too Much– Sea of Approval (2014)
This is my ultimate karaoke, dance party, midnight jams and pretty much all purpose song. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing (surprise, surprise) but Megan Washington makes an appearance in the music video- one of my other favourite Australian singer-songwriters.
It is an insanely catchy song and gets the feels going in an indie pop way

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – [Tears for Fears cover] Like a Version 2011

This was a surprise appearance on last night’s set list, and a very fabulous surprise at that. Of all the Like a Versions, this is in my Top 10 without question.
It pretty much speaks for itself- an indie-electro-modern take on an old classic with added aesthetics…lurve it

Not even kidding, I just finished this blog and got a notification from instagram that let me know ANDY BULL LIKED MY PHOTO

Also- when I talked to him, I mentioned that he commented on my instagram photo of my plant from February and he remembered my feed and said it was ‘classy’ and very nice and that I should keep it going.

Here is a link to the plant photo… feel free to follow me too 😉

AND here is photo proof I met him…




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A very close friend, who is the Oates to my Hall, sent me a little invitation to her 80’s themed birthday party. I didn’t even have to rack my brains for a costume idea- BOY GEORGE!!!
Funnily enough, I was part way through watching ‘Worried About the Boy’ when the invite came through. I forgot how amazing it was, and to think that Douglas Booth was only 17 when the film was shot. His performance is, in my opinion, one of the best acting performances I have witnessed.
I was raised on 80’s music and I began to really appreciate it when I was 13/14. It was Mark Ronson’s album, Record Collection, that motivated me to listen to more of Boy George’s music as he featured on what is now one of my favourite songs of all time, ‘Somebody to Love Me’.
Anyway, I have had Culture Club stuck in my head for a solid 5 days and of course, that means I have to use one of their songs for my ‘Song of the Week’!
Do You Want To Hurt Me exhibits Boy George’s voice beautifully- his ability to hit his notes in a flawless fashion, and his ability to vocally express emotion so incredibly well. It has a reggae vibe with a chilled pop twist.
I am pleased to say I have located the hat he is wearing in the film clip and will be purchasing it for not only dress-up purposes, but also for general life (Boy George’s fashion is on point).

So here is my ‘Song of the Week’… Culture Club- Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

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Media 1 Lecture 6

Project Brief 3 is coming along really well- I have knuckled down and I am on my way to exporting something that I am happy with.

Amongst things, this weeks Lectorial was based around Media as a form of research. We were lucky enough to have Aimee Saunders come and speak to us about all things research-y and media-y. I did in fact use the skills she taught us straight after the lecture to find some articles for my Pop Culture group presentation.
Which leads me to the other element of Lectorial 6- collaboration…
Rachel talked to us about collaboration; the pros, the cons and everything inbetween. I never used to be a fan of collaboration at school; I always ended up in a group with the kids who didn’t want a bar of the whole education thing. But I have been quite blessed so far at Uni- I have met some amazing people who are just as passionate about Media as I am and I KNOW that we will be a legendary collaborative team. In the past 6 weeks, we have brainstormed and developed ideas, as well as establishing life-long friendships and networks.

The word collaboration seems to linger in my head, and after a while, becomes part of a phrase from Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby... I probably get way too excited hearing the world collaboration now but I’ll just leave the link hear and let your brain make the associations anyway!