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The Black Keys, to me, are like tea to an old lady- one serve a day is never enough.
The duo have been around for over a decade, producing insanely catchy songs like “Lonely Boy” and most recently “Fever”.
Last year, just after the announcement of the BluesFest lineup, I secured front row seats to see them live at Margaret Court Arena in April. But on Monday, I was distraught to discover that they needed to cancel their Australian tour due to injury.
Man I was NOT a happy girl, but despite the cancellation, my love for The Black Keys will continue to grow and grow and grow and grow. Their music, a combination of soul, blues and alternative rock is sure to satisfy you this saturday, and every other day of the week, month, year, decade, century and beyond.

Here are 5 songs that I absolutely adore and recommend you downloading as soon as you possibly can- but lets be honest you will just end up buying all their albums anyways…

1. Too Afraid to Love You– Brothers (2010)

This song is so so beautiful. The subtle howl of the wind in conjunction with the harpsichord creates haunting undertones, emphasising the emotions communicated through the lyrics. I love this song, it has so much depth and the mood is perfect for those grey-skied days.
Skip forward to 1:00 on video for the beginning of the song

2. Little Black Submarines– El Camino (2011)

This song is one of my favourite songs of all time. It starts off as this beautiful guitar/vocal number and builds up to a killer ending.
I can’t even put into words how much I love this song, you sing along and delve deep into the lyrics and then to an amazing drum solo- all in 4 minutes and 11 seconds- brilliant

3. Fever– Turn Blue (2013)

LOVE LOVE LOVE- this song is just ahhh. Dan’s voice is my weakness, and this song makes me so weak I have to wait a few minutes to regain control over my body. The song starts to get really incredible in the last minute and a half, when the emotions of the song really start to seep through- the smooth vocals, killer drum/guitar instrumental break and then ending the song with a wallowing bass line that somehow always gives me goosebumps.
It is also one of my favourite music videos- clever, entertaining and uncomfortable all in one!

4. Weight of Love– Turn Blue (2013)

I have a newfound love for listening to records in their chronological song order- start to finish, over and over again. ‘Weight of Love’ is the first track on the album, Turn Blue, and it is one of my favourite album-opening songs. It starts as an instrumental piece and morphs into a classic-Black Keys drum-guitar-killer vocals spectacular. Oh and there is an awesome guitar solo and little bass bits in addition to the already smooth bass line This song is sure to get you feeling feels.
AND it goes for 6.50- have I lured you in yet?
ALSO music video link from one hit song to the next- yesssss

5. Lonely Boy– El Camino (2011)

A song that is known to all- and has even been performed on the spoons by a lovely country lady
Its an all time fave and deserves to be linked to you 🙂

I remember listening to The Black Keys for the first time, falling fast in love with the knee-weakening voice of Dan Auerbach. Tighten Up was the first track to make its way onto my iPod and the play-count grew quickly. The music video is adorable, the track is spectacular and it will forever be one of my all-time favourite songs.

The Black Keys may have broken my heart with the cancellation of their show, but all it took was the opening note of one of their songs and I instantly forgave them.
Hopefully they reschedule their shows, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to watch their live performances and sing my heart out to Lonely Boy in the shower.

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I am a concert addict and I am not afraid to admit it.
A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to Chet Faker’s sold out show at The Palais and not was he incredible, but his support acts were absolutely fantastic. GL, a dance/electronic duo from Melbourne, opened the show.
Their style is reminiscent of Madonna’s stuff from the early days and it really tickled my fancy. I have been listening to their stuff like a crazy lady since the concert, but “Take Me Back” is definitely my pick. I feel like this song would make a kick arse addition to the GIRLS soundtrack (I may even take it upon myself to email Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham) and of course, it makes a sweet addition to my random dance party playlist.
This track is sure to get you groovin in your room, and fun fact- it has been proven, by a very reliable source (me) that if you listen to this track whilst doing your make-up, your eyeliner will be on point. Yes, yes it will.

I urge you to check out GL’s stuff– her voice is awesome and their tunes are insanely catchy!
Here is it, GL- Take Me Back

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Saturday Spotlight: Metronomy

It is a beautiful sunny Saturday, and it could be one of the last for a while…as winter is coming.
It is a perfect day to sit back, write some blogs and listen to Metronomy- one of my favourite bands.
Metronomy are an english band who have been on the scene since 1999, but critically recognised since the release of their 2006 debut studio album Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) . I decided to seriously investigate their music last year after they were listed on the Splendour in the Grass 2014 lineup. Before then, I had only really heard “The Look”, a song that made it into the Triple J Hottest 100 in 2011
SIDENOTE: I am still questioning why I never bothered to buy their albums after the first time I heard that song, because I still listen to it almost every day

Their songs are the perfect mix of cheesy lyrics, killer bass lines and quirk- ticking every box on the criteria list for ‘Freakin’ Awesome Songs/Bands’
Some of their songs are awesome and don’t even have lyrics AND they are still suitable for dance parties!
Not only do they tick all the boxes but they add and tick their own box- classic back-up ‘shoopdoopdoop-ah’-ing that actually sounds really cool.

So whilst I sit hear and indulge in a bit of kooky karaoke, I thought I would link you to 5 of my favourite metronomy songs, and let you know why they tickle my fancy.

1. I’m AquariusLove Letters (2014)

My star sign is aquarius, so I think this song is really cool because even though not all of the lyrics are probably applicable to me or my life, I still think it is a cool theme song. It encompasses the quirky aquarian energy and contains those awesome ‘shoopdoopdoop-ah’s. Sheer excellence.

2. A Thing for MeNights Out (2008)

This song is insanely catchy- chances are this won’t be leaving your head any time. It’s suitable for most interpretive dance moves and has a pretty sick music video that is karaoke friendly- SO MANY WINS!

3. Corinne– The English Riviera (2011)

Another one that will invade your brain. A few weeks ago, a friend and I spent our time waiting for a night train singing this to one another and I haven’t been able to go a day without breaking into a full performance of this song since- it makes me ‘just want to dance all the time’

4. Never Wanted– Love Letters (2014)

This song is sure to get the feels going in a quirky-pop kind of way. Again, its probably the subtle bass that gets me.
It is also a really good song to listen to when you get down, the lyric “but it gets better” is emphasised through repetition and it kind of becomes like a bit of a mantra… well sorry to get all language analysis on you but have a listen for yourself!

5. Everything Goes My Way– The English Riviera

A theme song for when everything literally goes your way or when you want to be sarcastic because nothing has gone your way.
Sing loud either way!

oh and how could I forget- oh yeh I didn’t forget because THE BEST DOESN’T EVEN DESERVE A NUMBER
The LookThe English Riviera (2011)

This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it (and trust me the play count is insanely high).
Maybe it is because its equal parts catchy and emotional… or maybe it is because the bass line pretty much kills me each time I hear it.
Actually no its a perfect combination of everything- the assembly and performance of the song.
It’s perfection is self explanatory. Possibly my most favourite song of all time…

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!

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In late October, just before my year 12 english exam, I was skimming through my Facebook news feed and noticed that Mini Mansions, a band created by Queens of the Stone Age’s Michael Schuman, had released a new track. I am a lover of the killer bass lines produced by Queens of the Stone Age so I thought I would check it out. I was instantly hooked on the kooky melody and slightly spooky bass line.
I was engulfed in the quirky energy of the track then out of nowhere, I hear the voice of my one and only- Alex Turner.
Yes, I am in love with Alex Turner and I am not afraid to admit it. In fact, I would love the opportunity to interrupt the 5.30 news to let the world know how much I love him.
I had no other choice but to listen to this song on repeat for the rest of the day- not only because of my newfound love for the song, but because… Alex Turner

So long story short, I have been waiting and waiting for this song to be officially released and today I heard that quirky bass and the sound of Alex Turner‘s voice on Triple J as I made my breakfast- DAY MADE.
So without further a do, here it is. Add it to your march playlist, play it at your next halloween themed party and allow yourself to be serenaded by Alex Turner.
Mini Mansions- Vertigo (feat. Alex Turner)

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Dear Future Me…

Dear Future Me,

Here are 5 things I hope you are good at, are, can do or have done now you have completed your Bachelor of Communications (Media) degree

1. Blogging– I hope you now know how to include your strange humour, awkward metaphors and musical taste into a post that audiences actually want to read
2. Work Placement– and a cool one. I hope you have used those superb nagging skills to your advantage! (you know, the ones that drive mum and dad crazy)
3. Have found your media niche– I know that when you were 18 and barely even a uni student, you dreamt of being in radio and/or doing something music related. Whether you are still eager to continue down that path or not, I hope you have found where you belong in the media industry
4. Feel confident and proud– of the work you produce, have produce and plan to produce
5. Become a media practitioner– and an all rounded one. I hope your film and screen production background has some other little media friends to play with on your skills list

Until we meet, future Me, I shall strive to seize every opportunity that this degree, and my networks developed through his degree, throws at me and I shall seek to take risks in an attempt to develop new skills and discover hidden talents (not juggling, we both know I cant juggle)

Catch you on the flip side,


The first of many…

Post number 1, more to come… in time